Jamie Noble — Stabbed TWICE in West Virginia Trailer Park, Currently in Hospital

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Jamie Noble has been hospitalized after he was stabbed two times early Wednesday morning inside of a trailer park.

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office tells us Jamie allegedly returned home early in the morning from a WWE event after a long drive, and then left to get a snack while his girlfriend took a bath.

We’re told upon returning to Shadowood mobile home park, a driver pulled in behind his car and got out to accuse Jamie of cutting him off on the road. Jamie allegedly apologized, but the two men continued to argue and Noble eventually took the man to the ground when things got physical.

Police officials say 2 other men got out of the suspect’s car at that point, and at least one stabbed Jamie — once in the upper back and once in the mid-back/spine area — before taking off.

EMS were called and Jamie Noble was eventually treated, then taken to the emergency room.

We’re told WWE is aware of the situation and they’ve already made contact with police.

Noble was last seen on TV in March to break up a fight between Roman Reigns and Triple H. He also had a lengthy stint as J&J Security with Joey Mercury.

Our sources say he’s currently in the hospital, but no longer in the ER. His current condition is unclear.

  • http://www.faygoluvers.net ScottieD

    this is so sad, I also live in a trailer park and hope this does not happen to me

  • Jed

    Is this part of a story line?

    • Zalvorn

      Sadly no. This is just a shitty road rage incident. Hopefully Jamie will be alright.

  • Dave-o

    He works for WWE and lives in a trailer park?

    • Anonymous

      Yep hes got a paid in full double wide

  • Anonymous

    maybe they’ll work this into a storyline with heath slater. how great would that be!?



  • Anonymous

    Damn you mean his cousin/girlfriend was taking a bath??? And those idiots didn’t even know the right places to stab him, so why even bother. Maybe the next go around they will get better at it!!!!

  • http://Wwe Wwe


  • Anonymous

    Get better JAMIE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bunch of worthless fuckers if u got to fight with a nife must have been a car loadoor of pussys.

  • Aaron

    And the truth shall set you free. Jamie’s cousin IS his girlfriend!!

  • Anonymous

    My prayers are with jamie and his loved ones

  • http://Gmail.%20com scottburwell

    The asshole.who said better luck next time needs to be shot no one should have to be stabed

  • Anonymous

    Hate that it happened. The world we live in today is all to hell. Don’t look like it’s going to get any better.

  • Kayfabe Fan

    I swear it sounds like a storyline. Jamie Noble is a producer for WWE and he lives in a trailer park?? Doesn’t add up.

    • fflkfdkb


      • Anonymous

        John Cena was stabbed by Carlito in a storyline.

  • anonymous

    I have people that live in the trailer park and they didn’t even know about it I didn’t even know about it and it and I work near there and just because it’s west Virginia doesn’t mean it was his cousin
    whose his girlfriend and yes
    people that live out that way
    are nut bags I i used to live there there was a fight almost every day

  • Jim

    My dream of having a double wide is forever tainted

  • Candiru

    I don’t get it. He lives in a trailer park. Why?

  • ron rolla

    something smells a little fishy about this story… too bad booker T wasnt at a nearby mcdonalds

  • matt

    Was his girlfriend Nidia?

  • Steven

    U sick twisted fucks how can u think being stabbed is funny hope u never experience it first ur the true sickos of the world

  • Joe Madison

    For those wondering why he would live in a trailer park, the fact is the only a handful of people in the WWE make any real money. Someone at Noble’s level makes about as much as a McDonald’s Assistant Manager, and they have to pay their own travel and expenses. The mansions you see on “Total Divas” are owned by the production company. 99% of the talent could never afford to live there.

  • Anonymous

    Just because someone resides in a trailer park does not mean they don’t have money. This is what is wrong with society, too much stereotyping. Those who live in the most expensive homes, drives the most expensive cars and wears the best clothes are the ones who are going to prison. Get a life people instead of trying to figure out why someone lives in a trailer.

  • Anonymous

    If it was Brock Lesner, I don’t think those punk want to pick up the fight. Brock with fuck them up before they even reach out their knifes lol