Impact Wrestling Announces They’ve ‘Terminated’ Business Relationship With Jeff Jarrett and GFW

gfw jeff jarrett impact wrestling fired terminated

The Jeff Jarrett/GFW era of Impact Wrestling is over … because the company announced on Monday that they’ve terminated their business relationship with both.

The company tweeted, “Impact Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc., effective immediately.”

As we previously reported, Jeff was initially placed on an indefinite leave of absence in September. The company had previously announced that they purchased GFW, but clearly that wasn’t the case based on this new statement.

Jarrett came back to the company in January when Anthem Sports took control from Dixie Carter. His return led to the exit of wrestlers like The Hardy BoyzDrew McIntyre and Mike Bennett.

No word on what his plans for the future are.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    More name changes. Sweet! Impact is losing out on all of that sweet GFW Gold money.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if this opens up a “wrongful termination” and “copyright infringement” lawsuit by the Jarretts due to this.

    • Troy Smith

      How would he have a case?

  • Daniel Dewayne Dixon

    Just make a deal with WWE close it and put GFW with NXT. Its a dying company every other year if not every 6 months

    • Chris King

      You’ve probably been saying that since 2002 haven’t you?