Hulk Hogan to Host Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

hulk hogan crown jewel host event

WWE has confirmed to Pro Wrestling Sheet that Hulk Hogan will be at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Friday as the host of the event. 

As we previously reported, added Hogan to the list of superstars set to appear at the event, but was removed once it was noticed by multiple websites.

No word on when the deal was finalized to have Hogan appear at Crown Jewel. 

In case you missed it, Daniel Bryan and John Cena refused to work the event and were both written out of their scheduled Crown Jewel matches this week on Raw and SmackDown Live 

As we first reported yesterdayRenee Young will surprisingly join the announce team in Riyadh.

This will be Hulk’s first appearance on WWE TV since the Summer of 2015.

  • Louis

    I’m back, brother. – HH

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      Get ready for the Wrestlemania 9 finish after Brock wins.

      • Jeffrey Montgomery

        i would be perfectly fine with that lol

  • PurpleHaze

    He should be fine as long as he doesn’t use the n word with sand in front of it

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      They’d still cheer him in Saudi Arabia.

      • PurpleHaze

        You still online? You should check out the article some guy named Tyler Breese at WZ wrote, it’s about hogaH and the WWE, getting interesting comments

        • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

          Fuck that Tyler guy!

          • PurpleHaze

            He’s replying to me now

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

            I see… I think I posted at the other place the “war” he tried to have w/ me one day. I burned him repeatedly and others jumped all over him. He ended up deleting his comments lol.

          • PurpleHaze

            He’s as ridiculous as LaBar if not worse

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

            If Pagliano got pregnant with Labar’s baby and fell down the stairs, stumbled out the door, got hit by a big rig and had a piano fall on him… He’d give birth to Tyler.

          • PurpleHaze

            Now I have some dick called don’t panic writing to me standing up for the guy

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

            That guy usually is alright but he’s kinda dropped off lately

          • PurpleHaze

            Hahahahaha, go write that

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

            I did.. but, even my purposeful misspelling of pags got it automatically blocked.


    You couldn’t script this level of absurdity.

    • PurpleHaze

      Everything the wwe scripts these days is absurd

  • Elaine House

    Let’s hope he gets the name of the arena right this time

  • KFC Owens
  • Chris King

    Who cares? Hogan isnโ€™t a draw anymore.

  • Nick Zander

    I’m black, and have zero issues with the Hulkster coming back. Dude said some stupid stuff, but that doesn’t diminish his status.