Recent NXT Signee Heidi Lovelace Gets a New Name

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Heidi Lovelace has been going by her birth name since signing with NXT … but that all changed this week, because she debuted with a new one.

Lovelace wrestled at the NXT TV tapings against fellow independent wrestling starlet Kimber Lee and was announced as Ruby Riot. She also got involved in a storyline with SAnitY.

The 26-year old has long supported punk rock, so it’s of little surprise her name would reflect that.

Finn Balor also appeared at the taping and got physical with Bobby Roode.

Are you a fan of Heidi’s new name? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Tom

    I like things like this, new people debuting and making a new name for themselves. I really want NXT to ramp up again, its been a bit stagnant (understandably) since everyone moved up.

  • joe

    I want to say that this is not just a random negative comment for the sake of being negative or anything of the sort. I truly see some potential in her as a wrestler and I have the makings of what you would consider a “fan”. And so I must say that I believe this name change is quite a mistake. Disappointment does not come close to what I feel right now. The name “Heidi Lovelace” is exquisite. It is the kind of name that cannot be contrived by nameless weasels in backrooms. Her new given name rings of the same contrived bullshit that permeates wrestling today and I’m afraid that she is being stuffed into that same old meat grinder of a machine that is the world of wrestling today. Boo.