Josh Mathews Crowned as Grand Champion at Impact Tapings (PHOTOS)

josh mathews impact wrestling grand champion championship matt sydal

Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews was crowned Grand Champion at tonight’s TV taping … but fear not, because Don Callis says the title is now “done.”


During the most recent set of tapings, Grand Champion Matt Sydal also won the X-Division Championship. While cutting a promo a few days later, he called his “spirit guide” Josh Mathews to the ring and said he wouldn’t be there without him.

According to those in attendance, Mathews then gifted Sydal with a mask of his spirit animal and Matt returned the favor by gifting Josh the Grand Championship.

VP Don Callis replied to this story after the tapings were over saying the Grand Championship is now “done” and that “it was the title that never should have been.” Adding, “Rounds system was one of the most sub optimal ideas in the history of the company. Majority of fans hated it.”

UPDATE: In a confusing move, Sydal still defended the title the following day against Austin Aries and lost. Callis then hinted that the Global and Grand Championships would soon merge.

  • Gocubs2010

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaad. The title was a joke before, This doesn’t help it.

    • Dark Heel

      They’re burying it on purpose, moron.

      This site really has become the drizzling shits since Satin lost his sources after Jacobs stopped talking to him and Jericho advised wrestlers not to talk to him.

      • Truth

        Then there as fucking stupid as WCW in 2000… Lets be honest, tna died when hogan got there… thats why I quit watching and watch NJPW.. no wwe or tna bullshit

        • Andrew Dawson

          go lick Meltzer’s nuts

          • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

            Don’t talk $hit about one of the most reliable of all time

        • Amon Bluezchyld

          Hogan, Bischoff and John Gaburick

    • Jon Whritenour

      that’s the point.

    • Hellboy

      Callis has said he isn’t a fan of the title or promotions have lots of titles. They are getting rid of it.

    • Louis

      That’s the point you dumb piece of shit. Read the story before you wet your pants to make a stupid ass comment you dumb motherfucker.

  • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

    Let’s get rid of OBSOLETE titles

  • NeronWillRise

    It makes NO difference if this title or concept was bad or not. They invested hours of TV time and library footage trying to get it over. It’s part of your history now. You don’t just tell your fans that you wasted all of their time one big joke. It’s a slap in the face.

    This is something WCW would’ve done…before they went out of business.

    • Louis

      Not really. The title was created by Billy Corgan. Why should Don Callis have the title on his show when he is now running it?

  • Louis

    You may have jump the gun a bit.

  • Macker Mandrill

    Obviously, it’s going to take time to reshape Impact. They’ve clearly tried to be more wrestler and fan friendly by going to the 4-sided ring, losing the rounds of the Grand Championship and offering non-exclusive contracts to talents that lets them keep their gimmicks wherever they go. Now, it’s cutting loose wrestlers that either want to leave or can’t be re-signed. Maybe this time next year the company will have broken away from all the old shackles.