Impact Launches Global Wrestling Network, New Subscription Service Featuring Classic Content

global wrestling network launches impact gfw

Just weeks after announcing it, Impact Wrestling has launched their over-the-top subscription service called the Global Wrestling Network.

The company sent out a press release explaining that it’s a “multi-platform digital service designed to give fans around the world instant 24-hour access to the extensive IMPACT Wrestling library.”

Impact also says the service includes every classic pay-per-view event from TNA’s history, reality shows and documentaries, exclusive events, cards from international promotions and partners, classic content from old territories and over 1,000 hours of original programming.

Plus, the company says you’ll have the ability to purchase “premium live pay-per-view events.”

GWN will allegedly be available on all major platforms and devices, the iOS store and The Google Play store. Plus, it is supposedly coming soon to Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV and Smart TVs.

A premium subscription costs $7.99 per month (with a 30-day free trial for new members).

  • Will Henderson

    this is not gonna be worth it for $7.99 for classic TNA/Impact Wrestling/GFW. i get more for my money if i pay $9.99 for WWE Network, while it’s only 2 dollars more, but WWE has WCW, ECW, WCCW, AWA and lots of other old school content for other companies in the past that folded and also the WWE catalog (without certain things like the parts of Over The Edge 1999 that talks about Owen Hart falling to his death, and every Chris Benoit match ever).

    i’ll wait until Anthem sells Impact Wrestling/TNA to WWE before i buy anything from that company.

    • Sharkboy

      Will never happen deal with it..

      • Michael Self

        When the network flops, the WWE will own TNA/Impact/Global Force or whatever it will be called at that point. The company is bleeding money. Anthem has even stated they’re interested in selling it. This “Network” is a last ditch effort to plug the holes in this sinking ship.

        • Hellboy

          Yes. From an unverifiable report. Literally no one was able to find a source to confirm that report.

    • Hellboy

      They are bringing on other promotions, obviously AAA, NOAH and The Crash are gonna be added, and they already started adding some independent wrestling content from Border City Wrestling and Smash Wrestling.

  • Aaron

    NON-SECURE SITE!!! Went to join and my browser told me in the address bar, NOT SECURE.

  • Ben Beckett

    My reaction to this is: ahahahahahahahaahahaahahaaahahahahahahaahahahahaha. No.

    • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

      That’s what your girlfriend said when she saw you naked.

  • Sharkboy

    This is awesome, I already subscribed please bring this to XBOX One 🙂

  • Impacto Estelar

    Sweet Christ, it’s a non-secured site. Are they really that dumb?!

    • Dark Heel

      No its not, it says “SSL installed”, they take 2 or 3 hours to grant. Go look at the sign up page, little green padlock top left hand corner. followed by the word “secure”. Quit trolling.

    • NADR Music

      Troll alert. Go back to kissing Vince ass