Enzo Amore — Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Interviewed By TMZ (VIDEO)

enzo amore alleged sexual assault victim interview tmz

The woman who filed a police report claiming Enzo Amore raped her last year took part in an on-camera interview with TMZ today and went into further detail about her allegations.

Philomena Sheahan — who told TMZ Sports she’s now comfortable with her name and face being made public — claims she said no “countless times” as Enzo sexually assaulted her inside of a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona back in October.

Sheahan also claims she hit her head at one point and was unconscious during some of the alleged incident. When she woke up, Philomena says that he was still having sex with her.

As we previously reported, Amore was released from his WWE contract this afternoon. Police are still investigating the incident, but the bulk of the investigation is complete.

Watch TMZ’s interview below.

  • Andrew Mckenna

    Says yesterday she passed out on sofa cause all the drugs they gave her now says passed out cause she hit her head
    Lol shes mad

  • Eric Melendez Battle

    I’m dissing enzo on my new diss track

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tgts The Peoples Attitude 2.0

      Who cares? Rap sucks and you don’t even know the guy.

      • DeWayne Holloway

        Before you diss him go watch the YouTube video her best friend posted . The one where she texts him the next morning and is bragging about having fucked Enzo all night and laying in bed with him as she’s telling him about it. Yeah doesn’t sound like a rape victim to me.

        • Rob Meadows

          i seen that video, and he posted screenshots of thier conversation….. she is a lying bitch

        • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tgts The Peoples Attitude 2.0

          I wasn’t dissing enzo

          • DeWayne Holloway

            Sorry was meant for the op.

      • Eric Melendez Battle


  • KFC Owens

    The audio can be used for one of those WWE Story Time cartoons. 🐓🏁

  • xindiekillx

    I’m sorry…I don’t get it, IWC. Why is everyone rushing to the defense of a known douchebag like Enzo Amore? It’s so confusing to me. He’s a piece of shit human. I know just being a general garbage person and a sex offender is a big leap but why consistently attack the woman here? Everyone keeps saying “innocent until proven guilty” and that is usually followed by a paragraph slut shaming his accuser and listing reasons she just HAS to be lying? Isn’t the logic the same? Why automatically assume she’s full of shit just because she sells nudes? Zo knew about the investigation and didn’t tell WWE. Isn’t that a bit damning? Put yourself in his position. Wouldn’t you go straight to Vince and explain what’s going on, followed by a detailed explanation of why it isn’t true? Just…stop…please. You guys are making all wrestling fans look like apologists and ignorant pricks.

    • DeWayne Holloway

      go watch the YouTube video her best friend posted . The one where she texts him the next morning and is bragging about having fucked Enzo all night and laying in bed with him as she’s telling him about it. Yeah doesn’t sound like a rape victim to me.

    • Markeith Page

      Because he didnt do anything…

    • SicSexSix

      Enzo is scum, this girl is bigger scum, and it has nothing to do with drug use, selling XXX pics of herself or whatever, it has to do with how she’s changed her story every time someone busted her on a part of it. She said she went inpatient at a psych center after this happened for 45 days. Someone then asked how she was able to post on social media during the time she was supposedly there, as psych patients aren’t allowed use of their phones or given internet access. She said she used her roommate’s phone after 20 days and checked herself out on the 26th day. She said they filled her with so many drugs that she passed out and in parentheses said it was weed, coke, and meth. To which a few people pointed out that if she got loaded on coke & meth she would’ve been awake for days, NOT passed out. Now, she says she was hit in the head. That’s why people are defending him and saying she’s full of crap. Just look at her version of the facts and how much they’ve evolved.

    • Nathan Pope

      You make a good point. I think some people however misguided they may be no that and Joe is going to be seen as guilty before his day in court. He already lost his job. You don’t fire somebody that you think is innocent. Anyway, there are some people that genuinely get upset at the thought of somebody having their name ruined but verified claims. Especially something as serious as rape. I don’t believe in slut-shaming, but I understand why people would want to give someone the benefit of the doubt. It’s just unfortunate that people can’t do so while being sympathetic to the other person at the same time. I will say this though, her story seems kind of odd.

  • David Abrantes

    Dude..wtf..this bitch just said he ripped her tights off.. but then asked him where her dress is?!?!?! Mmaannn i smell bullshit

  • frmatmn2ashes

    She’d have to drug me to have sex, yeesh

  • CantHerpTheDerp

    Never stick it in crazy, not even once…

    For anyone still questioning her credibility, take a second and check out her twitter, specifically the media section. There’s literally a pic of her soliciting a live cam strip show for $40 that was posted just a few days ago, can’t even make that shit up. Then there’s a post about her faking a pregnancy a year ago with her straight up confessing to it.

    Enzo is trash and birds of a feather flock together, still doesn’t justify false allegations that could destroy one’s life. Especially since just a few seconds of reading her twitter is enough to start doubting her credibility.

    • Chris King

      So, if you do a strip show online you can’t be raped?

      • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tgts The Peoples Attitude 2.0

        This chicks a special kind of fucked up. No one deserves to be raped but this bitch is not telling the truth

  • Grumpy Ol’ Deuce

    youtube user imsamcook has the smoking gun video that shows this chick is full of molly flavored shit. this guy has text messages from her that he got from her the next morning that show no hint of sexual assault…that she was still in bed with the wrestler after f**kin’ him.

  • Dwaun Marshall

    Two sides to every story, apparently, they will believe the other person.

  • Louis

    Too many bitch ass motherfuckers in here. Let a real man like come through. Enzo is GUILTY.

    • Lou DiFigliano

      Of bad fashion.

      • Louis

        My man. In all seriousness, looks like Enzo got screwed over by this crazy chick.

        • Lou DiFigliano

          Consent forms are required nowadays.

          • Louis

            And always record on an Android phone. All athletes and celebrities should record it. Just for safety.

          • Lou DiFigliano

            With a witness filming and overseeing the consent form signatures.

          • Lou DiFigliano

            Wwe likes when their wrestlers record their sex lives. It boosts careers.

  • Elaine Burton

    I call bullshit on this..as someone that has actually been raped..I don’t believe her..she’s too comfortable talking about what happened like it was just a normal day for her.

  • se7en

    Enzo would never get with this fugly chick….