WATCH: Eddie Edwards BLASTED IN THE FACE With Baseball Bat on Impact Wrestling

eddie edwards bat face video sami callihan impact wrestling

The footage of Eddie Edwards being accidentally hit in the face with a baseball bat aired this week on Impact Wrestling and it was just as brutal as it sounded.

Edwards defeated Sami Callihan during Thursday night’s episode — which was filmed in January — however, a post-match attack ensued and the oVe wrestler tossed a chair into the ring.

Callihan then sat the chair on Edwards and attempted to hit it with a bat, but swung too hard and smacked Eddie in the face.

The former TNA World champ revealed afterward that he suffered a few broken bones.

Watch the scary footage below.

  • TheManTheyCall

    That was insane… Good show… Sami is a great talent and even greater heel…

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      Just not very handy with a bat, apparently.

    • Fred Hopkins

      You can see Sami break character very quickly but then recovered just as quick. Obviously he did not mean to hit him and you can see the quick concern.

      • Corwin Brown

        I didn’t see him break character at all.

        • Mr. Meeseeks

          You can see a look of ‘oh sh*t’ on his face when he realized he hit him in the face but he quickly changes his look back to a heel. He seemed legit shocked for a moment.

        • Fred Hopkins

          Of course you did. Watch his face right as he hits him. You can tell by his expression it was not intended.

  • Jonas LaClaque


  • Louis

    Eddie is a tough MOFO. Sami is insane. You know, for all the people who complain about Impact taping their shows. This was taped back in January, and it is getting buzz now in March. Even TMZ is talking about this.

    • Lou DiFigliano

      Well tbf… TMZ prob didn’t see the footage til now…

  • Dustin King

    Holy sh*t! That’s a massive botch.

  • Louis

    Lucha Underground News & Notes 03/03/2018
    Steve Bryant · 03/03/2018 Full Article
    News 0
    Updates from the March 1 through March 3 Lucha Underground tapings plus information on the Lucha Underground versus IMPACT show taking place during Wrestlemania Week in New Orleans. There are spoilers for Lucha Underground season four in this update so don’t read further if you are trying to avoid them. Click for today’s update.

    This week’s Lucha Underground tapings took place on Thursday through Saturday because AAA is holding their Rey de Reyes event in Puebla, Mexico. Rey de Reyes will be airing live on AAA’s Twitch channel at 4:00 p.m. PT. It is headlined by a Hijo del Fantasma (King Cuerno in Lucha Underground) versus Texano Jr. mask vs. hair match.

    Rich Swann was backstage at this week’s Lucha Underground tapings, however he did not appear in any matches.

    On the Thursday, March 1 tapings Dragon Azteca Jr. won the vacant Gift of the Gods title at by defeating Dezmond Xavier and King Cuerno in a triple threat match. Dezmond Xavier made his debut in the promotion at last Sunday’s tapings.

    There were no matches with Chelsea Green, Sammy Guevara, or Tommy Dreamer at this weekend’s tapings.

    I have been told they are filming quite a bit of stuff out of order from how it will actually air.

    Saturday’s taping was their biggest of the weekend with a couple of major angles taking place. First they held a wedding ceremony between Taya and Johnny Mundo. Joey Wrestling (Joey Mercury) and PJ Black were the groomsmen and Cheerleader Melissa (as Melissa and not Mariposa) and Beautiful Brenda were the bridesmaids. Famous B officiated the ceremony. Antonio Cueto gifted them catered tacos as a sign of affection for them. Matanza Cueto interrupted the ceremony. He headbutted Taya when he first got in the ring and busted her open. Taya got thrown into the wedding cake as well and the table of tacos was destroyed.

    Pentagon Dark and Brian Cage continued their feud that was setup at last weekend’s tapings with a Last Man or Machine Standing match for Pentagon Dark’s Lucha Underground title. This was said to be a crazy match with lots of tables and chairs and Pentagon hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Cage off the ropes through a table. Pentagon Dark retained the title in the match.

    Jack Swagger / Hager is being called Jack Strong in Lucha Underground. He defeated Drago on Saturday.

    Eli Everfly made his debut with the promotion this weekend. On the March 3 tapings he was in a three-way with Mil Muertes and Marty “The Moth” Martinez, with Martinez winning. It was said Everfly was getting a few heckles when he came out but by the end of the match everyone in the building was going nuts for him and he had the performance of the night.

    A couple of other notable matches from Saturday’s tapings were Dragon Azteca successfully defending the Gift of the Gods title against Killshot and Matanza beating Joey Wrestling then sacrificing him to the Gods. The lights went red and then went out and when they came back on Joey Wrestling was gone from the ring (the live audience could see him roll out and run off).

    Lucha Underground will be holding a joint show with IMPACT Wrestling on Friday April 6th at 9:00 p.m. ET in New Orleans, LA as part of Wrestlemania Week. No matches have been announced but the following talent from both companies are scheduled to appear: Pentagon Dark, King Cuerno, Fenix, Drago, Aerostar, Killshot, Matanza, Willie Mack, Jack Evans, Austin Aries, Alberto El Patron, Eli Drake, Moose, LAX, Eddie Edwards, oVe, Trevor Lee, Sami Callihan, Scott Steiner, Brian Cage, Allie, Rosemary, and Taya Valkyrie. Teddy Hart was also previously announced as appearing on the show.

    The joint show with IMPACT will also stream live on IMPACT’s Twitch channel. The show is not expected to take place in Lucha Underground’s continuity and will not be reflective of events that have taken place during the season four tapings that are going on now. Lucha Underground’s general manager Dorian Roldan stated “We think this is a great opportunity for both IMPACT Wrestling and Lucha Underground to put on a great show for all the wrestling fans who will be in New Orleans.”

    Referee Rick Knox broke his clavicle at last weekend’s tapings. He was back for this weekend’s tapings and was used as an extra official outside the ring for a couple of matches. He has ref’d matches before with a broken arm, so a quick return wasn’t unexpected.

    The band Metalachi has been performing at the Ice Temple. They are the world’s first and likely only heavy metal mariachi band.