Impact Wrestling Footage Featured in New WWE DVD on The Hardy Boyz (PHOTOS)

hardy boyz dvd impact wrestling footage wwe

WWE is featuring footage of the Hardy Boyz in Impact Wrestling on their upcoming DVD and details have surfaced on how it was used.

The 3-disc set is called “Twist of Fate: The Best of the Hardy Boyz” and WrestlingDVDNetwork got an exclusive sneak peak before it hits stores.

According to the site, various clips play as Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy discuss the highlights of their time working at Impact … with particular attention on the Broken Hardys gimmick and Final Deletion match. A Global Wrestling Network logo is also plastered over the footage.

A teaser for the DVD can be found below.

CLICK HERE to see some photos of the footage being used.


  • Louis

    Nice. Impact gettin’ a lil dough fo’ dis.

  • Louis

    I just saw the video, no clips of their Impact tenure. Just WWE career. Those crooks at wrestling DVD network pulled a fast one.

    • Will Henderson

      that’s probably the intro to the DVD or the trailer to it. the Impact Wrestling footage ain’t gonna be shown in that. just wait until it come out to see it.

    • WDN

      Visit our site, scroll to the second article down – it’s legit.

      I’ll ignore the silly insult. 🙂

    • PurpleHaze

      I think you’re right the stinking selfish crooks