DJZ Parts Ways with Impact Wrestling

djz parts ways impact wrestling leaves contract expires

For the first time in years, DJZ will soon be a free agent … as his contract with Impact Wrestling expires at midnight. 

Sources tell us the 32-year-old is hoping to work with other major promotions now that he’ll no longer be under contract with Impact (which was first reported by WrestleZone). 

The wrestler made his debut for Impact Wrestling in 2011 as Zema Ion and signed a contract with the company shortly after. He went on to win the X-Division Championship twice, as well as the Tag Team Championships earlier this year. 

“At midnight tonight, I will be a free agent for the first time in 7 years,” the wrestler tweeted after we published this article. “And 2019 seems like the perfect time to be available for whatever new opportunities may come my way.”

Now that he’ll soon be a free agent, tell us in the comments where you’d like to see DJZ land next.


  • Louis

    I am not surprised. Poor guy got placed on the bench for no reason in favor of the Desi Hit Squad who suck. Him and Andrew Everette formed a pretty good tag team and were never given a fair chance.

    • AbeezyBeatz

      He’ll do good in MLW. His match last week was cool.

  • Max Baskin

    I know he’s booked for an indie show in MD at the end of January. Looking forward to seeing him.

  • Zack Webster

    If he values his career he’ll stay as far away from WWE as possible.

  • Joe Vincent

    Wishing DJZ the best of luck! He was always entertaining and fun to watch in the ring.

    • matasmuozespinoza

      tbljoe (:

      • Joe Vincent

        There’s someone who knows their internet wrestling history!

  • Chuckie Chk

    my biggest fear with DJZ is that he wont stay injury free

  • SYD

    Border City Wrestling 2.0 (Impact) wishes him and the remainder of the cast the best in their future endeavors once they depart the Titanic (impact). Don’t know who is more incompetent, D’amore or Callis. Only they could make Dixie Carter look like she had a clue.