Details on Why Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Were Sent Home from UK Tour

sami zayn kevin owens update reason sent home uk tour details

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn went against a creative directive given to them before SmackDown last night and we’re told it contributed to them being sent home.

Multiple sources tell us Sami and Kevin were supposed to “feed” for New Day following Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston yesterday, but for some reason they didn’t follow directions and left the ring.

The PWTorch glossary of insider wrestling terms defines “feeding” as: “The heel’s role during a babyface comeback where he runs at the babyface only to be repeatedly fended off, with the hope that the series of bumps by the heel will generate positive fan heat for the babyface.”

Owens hit the ring as soon as the match ended and attacked Kofi as planned. However, he and Sami quickly bailed from the ring. New Day then stood waiting, same for the sound crew who didn’t play anyone’s music, and the segment ended awkwardly when the two wrestlers seemingly went off script by not taking their planned beating afterward.

Since publishing the story on Owens/Zayn being sent home, multiple sources reached out saying the duo have been slightly difficult to work with lately and seem unhappy backstage.

It’s worth noting that they were both close with recently fired writer Jimmy Jacobs and Neville (who hasn’t been heard from since walking out).

Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Name Dropper

    As good as they are, They are not above anyone. I would not be shocked if one of both ended up released.

    • James Snelgrove

      That would be a blessing for fans of the independent scene and for companies like ROH/NJPW/IMPACT/PWG et al. who would swoop in and book the ever-loving piss outta them.

      • Tim Briggs

        Impact that’s funny. They still are broke. Everyone is leaving there too. That would hurt their career more. I can see new Japan but roh idk they might not be able to afford KO maybe Sami. Plus you have the 30 day no compete clause they all have after leaving. But this is twice now for Owens I’m thinking now the first wasn’t family issues.

        • radtke

          90 days


          Where do you think Kevin came from , ROH Just like most of WWE top talent Cesaro, Daniel B. Seth R,CM Punk to many more to list…

          • Kristopher Brown

            Thats right. He was Kevin Steen with ROH

  • MamaBear3

    I guess they’ll be showing up in Japan

    • Richard

      They will end up in TNA if they really miss their friend jimmy jacobs.

      • Hellboy

        There would be a sense of irony to that, as Owens was the one that talked Bennett out re-signing with IMPACT (which ended up being a good thing, because Bennett got that WWE sponsored rehab).

      • Tim Briggs

        Impact is still broke they can’t afford neither one. Everyone is leaving there too.

  • daddyj1

    Bullet club,here they come

  • Danyelle Wright

    I just re-watched this match and this article doesn’t go with the match at all. “The sound crew who didn’t play anyone’s music.”. Right after Kofi had won they played The New Day’s theme. When somebody attacks, they break the theme as they usually do and then whilst Sami and Kevin were leaving it went back to The New Day’s theme. The New Day weren’t confused either, Big E was yelling at them to go away and the same goes for Xavier. So stop spouting bullshit and rehashing another article. After this whole Neville thing you guys just keep stirring the pot and you aren’t classed as journalists, if you guys are acting as if you’ve never even watched the episode. “Sources state”, yeah trusting Jimbo who works at the WWE catering doesn’t count as a source.

    • Plymouthdodgewrecks

      Oh my god how did I run into you here by complete chance

      • Danyelle Wright

        I have shit to say I guess lmao

    • Darkest Timeline JimbobJones

      I didn’t watch, but… wasn’t the show pre-shot? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would have edited the awkward part out before you saw it on TV?

      • Danyelle Wright

        It was “Pre-shot” for America but not Australia, you could still watch it Live just like the people in the UK were able to. I watched it in it’s proper form since I recorded it.

        • Darkest Timeline JimbobJones

          Fair enough.

        • Lou

          UK were not able to watch live, unless you were in the arena. It was still shown at the usual time on Sky (1am) and I was surprised how much was edited out of a supposed ‘live’ show

  • bonergalaxy

    Guys, this is a work, they will be back in few weeks with Neville, Darren, Emma and others to form a new stable. Screen cap this.

    • Tim Briggs

      Not even going to comment to that stupid response. Wow. A work? Lmao

    • octopusmask

      If it was a work, Emma and Darren wouldn’t be involved.

  • franky

    i hope they will stay in wwe.