Alberto Del Rio — Wife’s Lawyer Responds to Engagement … He’s Still Married!

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio may have gotten engaged this weekend, but the lawyer for his wife tells Pro Wrestling Sheet that the couple shouldn’t rush to the altar — because he’s still married.

We reached out to the lawyer for Del Rio’s wife to ask if their divorce had been finalized and received a statement from Raymond Rafool saying, “No. They are far from it at this stage.”

He adds, “Of course, Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce.  History repeats itself.”

As we previously reported … Paige proposed in the ring to ADR Sunday at a WWC event, despite Alberto being in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with Angela Velkei.

Paige’s dad also reacted to the engagement news by posting a statement on Facebook that reads, “Putting this out there then saying no more, about it to anyone I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over.”

Should be a fun wedding.

  • Remo

    Woman proposes to a man it’s special, unless he is legally married still. If you don’t have the discipline to be patient then some part of you knows it’s not real.

  • SoCalWayOfLife

    Will bring a whole new meaning to Shotgun Wedding

  • PHIL

    And the drama keeps on coming HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • The Great 31

    I can see it now: WWE presents: The Self-Destruction of Paige.

    Poor kid

  • Don tony

    Your bullshit pro wrestling sheet absolute bullshit

    • Luke

      Is this comment even necessary? For someone, that is supposed to be an adult, this comment comes off as if you’re a petulant child. Stop being negative. If you don’t like the site, then don’t read it.

  • Ken

    Eagerly waiting for Saraya to check in on this………she’s the one Del Rio should fear the most……she will gut him like a pig

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    Your summaries are always top-notch. Thanks for keeping us apprised. I’m reading every word here.

  • Anonymous

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