DeAngelo Williams Says He’s Retiring From Wrestling Following Impressive Slammiversary Debut

deangelo williams slammiversary retiring wrestling audio

NFL free agent DeAngelo Williams may have impressed the wrestling world during his debut match at Slammiversary, but don’t expect him to do it again — because the football player says he’s retired.

Williams told Adam Schefter on his show that he took part in the match for free in honor of his late uncle and revealed that GFW wanted him to do more, but he’s officially hanging up his boots.

The 34-year-old explains, “It was my debut and my retirement all at the same time.”

DeAngelo also says that he went full-force with the match because he respect wrestling too much to just phone it in like other celebrities have done in the past, even though he overshot the table spot.

The audio can be HEARD HERE.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    Genuinely great debut. Might be one of the best first matches for a former football player. Wow.

    • TheJrockfreak .

      I agree 100%

  • Louis

    Yeah, he was fantastic; looked like a natural. Not surprised that he will not pursue it further; especially with GFW. The money there is probably 70% less than what an NFL rookie makes. So, he probably has plenty of money that it’s not worth it for him to go through another grind of the wrestling business.