New TNA Stable — Identities of Masked DCC Trio at Impact Wrestling Tapings Revealed

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A trio of masked men called DCC made an appearance Tuesday night during a taping of Impact Wrestling … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the identities of all three wrestlers.

Sources tell us the group consists of James Storm, Bram and independent wrestler Eddie Kingston.

The addition of Kingston is interesting, since he was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando just last week for a tryout — alongside Shayna BaszlerHeidi Lovelace and Nicole Savoy.

As for Storm, we’re told his re-emergence in TNA will come with a tweak in character.

No word on when their faces will be revealed on TV.


  • PWS Fan #9485

    You’re ruining storylines of struggling wrestling companies for hits now? Coulda informed us of Kingston without ruining the angle. Aces and Eights was only hot for as long as they were anonymous. Why ruin it? We’re rooting for you, but don’t lower yourself like the rest of them.

    • Richard

      You could of course read the title of the article and just not read it?
      Like it or not but unfortunately there is a market for this kind of reporting.

  • Mr_Steel

    Is media outlet being paid by Vince McMahon to sabotage TNA?

  • Anonymous

    1 of the masked guys is a bald black man, you can see his forhead

  • Stephen

    Uh, they have black masks on underneath guy lol. So no, it’s not a bald black guy……

  • Anonymous

    fair enough, doesnt look like a black mask but cool