Davey Boy Smith Jr Wanted by Police for Battery Incident Involving Jake Roberts

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Harry Smith aka Davey Boy Smith Jr. is wanted by police in New Orleans due to an incident in which he threw coffee in Jake Roberts‘ face at WrestleCon.

A rep for the New Orleans Police Department tells us:

The NOPD is investigating a simple battery incident that occurred on April 7, 2018 in the 500 block of Canal Street. The victim told police that at about 11 a.m., he was signing autographs at the location when he was approached by a known subject, later identified as Harry Smith (DOB: 08-02-1985). The victim told police he attempted to shake hands with Smith, at which time a verbal argument ensued. Smith then allegedly threw a cup of coffee at the victim’s face and fled the scene. No major injuries were reported by the victim.

Police say the NJPW wrestler is “wanted for battery in connection with this incident” and ask that anyone with additional information contact the NOPD Eighth District detectives.

It’s worth noting, however, that Smith already admitted to the battery incident in an interview with WrestleZone.com.

The wrestler told WZ that Roberts refused to apologize for negative comments he had made about the British Bulldog (Harry’s father) and refused to step outside to settle their differences in a fight. Smith says Jake told him to “f*ck off” at that point, so he threw coffee in his face.

The penalty for a simple battery in Louisiana can be up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1000.


  • Christian Hollister

    Why is “wanted”? Just show up at the next match.

    • AH89

      The city of New Orleans likely doesn’t have extradition agreements with Japan (I’m assuming that’s where his next match will be as he’s with NJPW) and the US Federal government would never ask Japan to extradite someone over simple assault.

  • Louis

    I remember this. Davey Jr. was angry because Jake said on a podcast about Davey that he, along with Dynamite Kid, were bullies and extremely abusive to other wrestlers. Also, I think Jake may have also said that he was happy that Davey was no longer alive.

    • Eric Engesser

      British bulldog sadly is in hell burning forever. He died young to do to sins of pride and wrestling fame career.

      • Louis

        Dude. Shut the fuck up. You don’t know what he did or didn’t do.

        So, take this holier than thou bullshit and stick it up your ass.

        So you can suck my dick and go fuck yourself.

  • Tish King

    He clearly didnt follow in his father or family’s foot steps ROFL

  • Angie

    How disrespectful to a legend

    • Eric Engesser

      Bulldog jr sucks. He’ll never have His Moment in the ring. Total bore , no charisma = duz stupid things in public.

  • Sam Savage

    Roberts is a shit talking junkie. He deserved it.

  • Litten

    Smith must have been having a rioid rage to want to beat a 60+ broken down old mam. All because Jake hurt his feeling by speaking about Daley Boy however, whatever he said can’t be worst or more legitimate than what Brett Hart describing the Bulldog’s cocaine abuse at the time of their UK SS match at Wembley.

  • agentboolen

    His road back to the wwe looks like it’s going to be a long one. He seemed like a smart kid back then, this is definitely a dumb decision on his half.

    • Eric Engesser

      Hes a jobber 4 life. Always been. Hope he gets arrested or a fine. He’s not his father. Just like dibiase jr … A total bore. Not like father like son. Whats w these stupid kids of famous wrestlers!!?? They think they can out shine their dads lol. Sure a few do like rko but thats only a few.

      • agentboolen

        Come on now. This can happen in anything. Did you out do your father in life? There just humans trying to make the best life they can like all of us. I think your being unfairly hard on them.

        • Candi

          Agentboolen, you’re trying to reason with a guy who said Chyna is burning in hell because she wasn’t a Christian. So…. Yeah.

          • agentboolen

            I’m surprised he didn’t mention her leaked sex tape or the steroids she probably took to get huge, but yeah I’d say she’s not in hell for small time sins.

      • Candi

        Dude, STFU. All of your posts here are negative. I’m sorry that your life sucks so much that you need to bash pro wrestlers to make yourself feel better. But seriously, get a life. You claim to be a Christian?! You sure don’t act like one.

    • Pat Danz

      Hes backstage at Raw right now actually.. Natalya just posted pics of him, her and tyson kidd backstage at Raw in the UK.

  • joethemoe

    Pay the fine he’s not getting any jail time over this if I was Jr. I would just ignore Roberts and moved on wouldn’t say jack shit to him if I felt he disrespected my father this was stupid Incident.


    To bad Lance A. was not with him.