Dave Bautista — Offered Gig at WrestleMania 32 … But Unlikely to Happen At This Point

dave bautista wwe wrestlemania vince mcmahon meeting guardians of the galaxy sequel

Vince McMahon wants Dave Bautista to make an appearance at WrestleMania 32 in Texas … Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned — but we’re told it’s unlikely to happen at this point.

According to well-placed sources, Batista travelled to Orlando Sunday for the Royal Rumble and met with Vince backstage to hear the pitch — but McMahon wasn’t looking for “The Animal” to wrestle.

Our sources say Vince instead wanted him to make a one-off appearance at the annual event.

We’re told that although he initially passed on the offer, the door was left open for creative to try pitching him other ideas before the show and hopefully work something out.

Plus, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” starts filming next month and our sources say that may have factored into his decision as well — even though he’d love to once again be part of the WWE Universe.

Bummed you won’t be seeing Big Dave at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comments.

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23 Comments on "Dave Bautista — Offered Gig at WrestleMania 32 … But Unlikely to Happen At This Point"

  1. fuck you, spammer.

  2. I think the wwe needs Batista back in the ring!???.. The roster is in need of more star power!.. I think Batista got a bad reaction from the crowd last time , cause it was Daniel Bryan’s time for the spotlight!.. But now Bryan is gone!.. So Batista should come back full time !!!???????

  3. Should pair Dave with Goldberg and have them go for Tag Team Championship belts…..Batistia and Goldberg will make a great team……

  4. I love Batista and really REALLY hope that he and the WWE can work out a deal……….A legends contract would be phenomenal.

  5. Its how you want to use Batista that is the question, he is great friends with Titus, if Titus was close to upper half of card, he might put him other and let Batista and Titus work the story line, and the crowd would be more receptive

  6. Finn Baylor Club Styles | January 27, 2016 at 6:34 pm | Reply

    Wwe doesnt need these old stars. Cena, Orton, Batista, Kane fade to black. These NXT STARS ARE NOW!!!! Now what I need you to do is to look at all the rules smackdown pay-per-views and look at your matches the only people that have been in these matches this last WrestleMania are almost all NXT stars there’s been a NXT star in almost every match since the last WrestleMania

  7. He should come back for One last title run

  8. Give him the hall of fame like u usually do to every alumni

  9. Bring back the animal

  10. We need the wrestlers that really meant something to the company to come back even if it’s for short appearances here and there.These new wrestlers don’t peek the interest in people like me who have been watching wrestling and going to matches since the 1980’s we need to bring back the ones who can still style and profile and kick ass in the ring and I know Dave has got it in him. I know we all have to go through change, BUT don’t take them all away at once it makes me want to not watch it anymore

  11. You bring out the Rock then Bill Goldberg to put Roman Reign over Triple H and Bring out Shawn Michaels and Road Dog And Vince to help out Triple H then Hell and for the ending Stone Cold stuns everyone and leaves Roman Reigns winning the title with everyone stretch out across the ring!! Epic!! I need to be the writer because this would tear the roof off the house!!

  12. Batista needs to come back, most of the top stars of wwe are all out of action

  13. richard a soliz | January 28, 2016 at 1:21 pm | Reply

    Roal rumble was a joke and then bigest joke off all trp hcomes out ready to rumble make decission manage or join active roster you are screwing your tAlent

  14. They probably had some ridiculous idea like having Batista in HHH’s corner and the Rock in Roman’s corner.

  15. yes Batista appearance will be the fantastic

  16. Bautista was villain in spectre. James Bond movie. He doesn’t need wwe.

  17. We love, love, love Dave Bautista!! The Animal is really what the WWE needs some power to help Roman and the USO’s or Ambrose fight off the Wyatt family, and the League of Nations!! I am sick of Braum Stroman treating my dude Reigns like a rag doll.And there are very few stars from a few years ago, that are in the prime shape of Dave. And he’s always a terrific heel, even though its heart breaking!! lol

  18. Who needs him nobody wants that crying girl around

  19. It would be great if he wrestled full time, that is the only drawback with Brock, i love him to death. But, hate that it is part time. Dave & Brock, if you are going to wrestle come back for at least 6 months a year. Otherwise you hype us all up but, we never get to see you. Thank god for AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose! Those two should feud, I think that would kick ass! Roman, sorry, I you still have not won me over–WWE creative really screwed you on that. I blame them, they shoved you down our throats and still are. We all know Roman is going to beat HHH for the title at WM–blah!

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