‘Making a Murderer’ — Brendan Dassey’s Brother Trying For Prison Visit From Former WWE Superstar

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Brendan Dassey was a major wrestling fan who constantly watched his favorite stars on TV before getting locked up … this according to his half-brother, who says he’s now on a mission to find a former WWE Superstar willing to visit the “Making a Murderer” subject behind bars.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Brad Dassey — who recently released a rap song about the famous trial — and he says wrestling was always on TV in their dad’s house growing up.

Brad says he’s unsure which wrestlers were Brendan’s favorite, so he wrote to his brother in jail last night asking and plans to reach out to all of them. It’s worth noting that the prison does have restrictions on who can visit though, so anyone willing to help could always be denied.

As for whether Brendan has been able to watch wrestling whatsoever in jail since he was put away in 2006, Brad tells us he’s almost certain it’s a no — but one fan of the show is sending him a WrestleMania box set that he instructed Dassey to hold onto until his brother is released.

If you haven’t seen the Netflix series, Brendan complains to his mom during episode 4 about not being able to watch WrestleMania in jail and it’s heartbreaking.

Brendan is up for parole in 2048.

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  • djrigity

    You cant watch wrestling in jail. Too bad you slautered a person. Its not heartbreaking. Idiot wrote this story

    • .Barbara Grimm

      Watch the confession idiot that commented! He was forced into a confession to convict his uncle! Btw CLOSED MINDED PEOPLE SUCK! You must be a manitowoc county officer! Lol!

    • .Barbara Grimm


    • Anonymous

      What does slautered mean? You’re an imbecile….look it up.

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    The kids confession was weird, way too explicit and real. He told the story and he even drew the rape and murder. Are you kidding me? But the question is, why did he have that in his head? he mentioned from a book he read, but thats nuts!

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