WATCH: Daniel Bryan to Birthday Kid in the Crowd — ‘Congratulations, You’re Stupid’

daniel bryan stupid kid birthday fan audience sign video

The “new” Daniel Bryan wasn’t interested in wishing a happy birthday to a young kid in the crowd after SmackDown went off the air … and the video is hilarious. 

As seen in the video below, Daniel spotted a child holding a sign saying it was their birthday and unleashed. “It’s your birthday … congratulations, you’re stupid,” the WWE champ exclaimed. 

Adding, “Your parents should be very proud, because on your birthday it got recognized that you’re stupid.” The crowd then began to chant “Happy Birthday,” which angered Daniel — so he refused to take part in the scheduled dark match.

Before leaving, Daniel told the crowd he was going home to Aberdeen, Washington … which he called “God’s Country.”

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  • Will Henderson

    this new Daniel Bryan has some similarities of 2001 heel Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  • Louis

    Nah, heel D-Bry has Jericho heel vibes.

    • PurpleHaze

      Over at wz there’s an article on The Razcalz, I ran into the Christmas Troll and wished him Merry Christmas

      • Louis

        I saw that. That was awesome. Thank you brother!!!

  • Louis

    Hungry for dick