(UPDATED) Daniel Bryan Says He Could Beat Mike Jackson “On the Ground” in UFC, Fighter Responds

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Mike Jackson may have defeated CM Punk in an MMA fight, but Daniel Bryan says he could beat the inexperienced grappler on the ground if WWE were to let him fight in UFC

During a recent Instagram live session with Brie Bella, Daniel made a quick appearance and instead of taking fan questions, he asked: “Did they just ask me if I could beat Mike Jackson in a fight?”

“I could beat him on the ground, for sure … I think,” he quickly answered.

Nikki Bella is then heard in the background saying “prove it” and Daniel replies, “If WWE were to let me fight in the UFC, then maybe.”

The former WWE champ sounds like he’s kidding, but he could be more serious than you’d think. Daniel trained in MMA during his time away from wrestling and former UFC fighter Benson Henderson once said Bryan was very impressive while mixing it up at his gym.

Mike Jackson responded to Bryan in a statement to Fan Sided, saying: “Look Daniel Bryan; I will do you worse than I did your man Punk because I will have no reservations in punching this guy in the face 100-percent. And at will.” 

He also tweeted, “Hey, , don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. You don’t want to get potatoed like your mans did at .”

Watch Daniel’s comments below.

  • Louis

    Please. It’ll end like CM Punk’s 0-2 career. I live pro wrestling. I love UFC. But these wrestlers need to shut up and stop pretending they could simply walk intoban Octagon and be a bad ass. Not everyone can be Brock.

    • dkinpa

      Eh, Bryan is a little bit of a different case if we are being 100 percent honest. Sure, Bryan isnt a freak of nature like Brock, but he’s been training in BJJ wayyyyy longer than Punk had. Lets not pretend like beating Mike Jackson is some tall order.

      • Louis

        “Lets not pretend like beating Mike Jackson is some tall order.”

        I don’t need to pretend. I saw it in reality. CM Punk struggled to makr any dent in Jackson.

        YOU need to take Bryan’d schlong out of your mouth and stop acting like a mark and come bacm to the real world, jabroni.

        • Jimmy McGill

          He may enjoy the taste too much for that…

  • gus

    Brock is 5-3-0-1 no decision. Why does everyone act like he is hot shit in ufc? That record almost sucks as bad as Punks. Brock can’t wrestle and is the biggest waste of time in wwe. And there is a lot of time wasted.

    • The Big Bichote

      Fight him then.

  • Andy Freeman

    Cm Punk is no Brock Landers lol. Let’s leave it at that.