What Culture Wrestling Departees File Docs For New Business Venture

what culture wrestling new business cultaholics

The recent group of What Culture Wrestling departees seem to have their next business venture planned … because a group of them filed docs to form a new company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained documents filed earlier this month which show the new company is called Cultaholics Ventures Limited and the four primary officers of the company are as follows:

  • Head of Creative, Adam Blampied
  • Head of Production, Sam Driver
  • Managing Director, Adam Pacitti
  • Editor-in-Chief, Ross Tweddell

It also looks like Cultaholics will still be making the same type of videos. The documents state that the nature of their business is video production and news agency activities.

We reached out to Pacitti for comment, but he said they weren’t doing press for the new project yet. Adam Blampied, however, has already teased things by tweeting their new logo (seen above) and tagging the others who left today.


  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if you guys at PWS will be willing to help them out if they ask you guys to help them get their new post-WhatCulture project off the ground.

  • Corey Peters

    I guess Jack will make coffee

    • OneMadClown

      He’s the Head of Winter Hats.

      • Corey Peters

        perhaps and who will run WCPW Adam Blampied was the GM???

        • OneMadClown

          Like everything else at WhatCulture, it will now be hosted by Simon Miller.

        • BlazeKing

          WCPW was ran by the bosses in charge of WC itself; not the WC WWE people.

  • andvari7

    I wonder what drove the entire WC Wrestling staff, excluding Simon Miller, to leave at the same time. Usually, that’s a blanket firing, or in protest, but I can’t imagine things are that bad at WhatCulture. Plus, maybe it means that Suzie Kennedy will come back.

    • Macephtopheles

      Have you read previous employees discussing their time at WhatCulture and, more specifically, the management there? Obviously, yeah, ex-employees might often not say the most endearing things about their time but so many having the exact same (bad) experiences isn’t a coincidence and paints a pretty damning picture of WhatCulture on a whole.

      • andvari7

        Fair enough. I’ve read a few scathing reviews on Glassdoor, but they can’t necessarily be trusted.

        • Macephtopheles

          Yeah, I’d had a look at a few of the Tweets about it. There’s a guy called @Crowtagonist whose take it on it is worth a read. He was calling out the boss and a few others who have worked there (they’ve linked articles they’ve wrote so aren’t making it up) were sharing his views.

  • Ian MacPherson

    What about jack the jobber

  • Louis

    What Culture wrestling is lame. They are their own hype men. I don’t understand how they even make money when they give away free matches on their Youtube page.

    • BlazeKing

      1st: They sell tickets to those shows. The weekly Youtube shows were done with tickets sales and ad revenue from Youtube. The PPV format shows were on their premium WC Extra service or the Fite Network. They’ve explained the setup many times.

      2nd: You sound like the CEO of Morton Salt.

      • Louis

        Shut up and suck a dick, moron. No one watches their shit and their own guys are leaving, dumbass.

        1- They get no ad revenue from YouTube because YouTube cut off revenue from everything wrestling related earlier this year, resulting in WCPW cancelling shows.

        Get a clue of what you are talking about, bitch.

        • TL

          Louis, the random-website, business-model king. lol… why are you here?

          • Louis

            This is from 8 days ago, dweeb. Get a life.

  • Just-A-Fan

    I’m worried about Jack, he has always been my favorite, why isn’t he mentioned? Perhaps, the ‘C5’ means ‘Cult(ure) 5’ referring to Jack, Adams, Sam and Ross? Idk, I’m trying to come up with happy scenarios, and I bloody get depressed a lot, and I’m way too freaking invested in these guys and really want them to succeed in whatever they will do now.