Ex-Impact Wrestling Star Crazzy Steve Attends WWE Tryout at The Performance Center

crazzy steve wwe tryout impact wrestling

WWE held a tryout for potential new talents earlier this week at the Performance Center and an interesting name was in attendance … ex-Impact Wrestling star Crazzy Steve.

According to WWE.com, Steve was part of the 3-day, 40-person tryout and was joined by fellow TNA-alum Cody Deaner — as well as other athletes, models and wrestlers.

Crazzy Steve is a former Impact Tag Team Champion, having won alongside partner Abyss in early 2016 and forming The Decay with Rosemary.

The wrestler recently departed from Impact and it was rumored that he┬áhad already signed a deal with WWE, but that’s clearly not the case at this time.

CLICK HERE for the full list of attendees.

  • Aboutmybandz

    WTF?!? Please give me Decay Crazzy Steve. The makeup is awesome. Without it, he becomes ordinary as hell

    • Aaron

      It’s a tryout…

    • agentboolen

      Guy wants money, can’t blame him. If your going to wrestle matters we’ll do it for the biggest check you can get.

    • Anonymous

      He is no longer wrestling as crazy Steve unless he doesn’t make it with WWE

  • Louis

    WTF. The guy has had 14 years in the business and he still has to go through their training?