Jim Cornette Flashed His Penis to the Crowd During Bruce Prichard Live Show (CENSORED VIDEO)

Jim cornette flash flashed penis live event show bruce prichard

Anything can happen at one of Bruce Prichard‘s live shows, including Jim Cornette flashing his penis … just watch this video from his show in Detroit over the weekend.

It all went down at St. Andrews Hall when Cornette saw a cardboard Vince Russo head, which would normally be used for impressions, and threw it on the ground to mimmic urinating on the cutout.

Jim then pulled his track pants down and flashed his bait and tackle for a brief second.

The flashing was confirmed by multiple people on Twitter and one them said, “Could have done without seeing Corny’s penis but other than that great show!”

Gives new meaning to Jim Cornette waving his racket around.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Pro Wrestling Editorial, there’s video proof. Don’t worry. It’s censored.

  • Louis

    What is wrong with this guy?

    • http://www.kumastyle.com/ Kuma Style

      Pretty much everything.

  • Planet Dearth

    I’m guessing he was acting like he was going to take his dick out. Hence the “censored” tag for effect. there is no way he’d actually do this. Right? Someone tell me I’m right.

    • xJenx

      Little Jim was there and in full view.

    • rob

      I was there. Dude hung full dong.

      • DavidEssex

        Tastes good.

    • Jake Nelson

      Are you upset you weren’t there to take a picture?

      • Planet Dearth

        Comprehension and perception will come to you in your 30s. Be patient.

  • Pavement Rhodes

    “Nice” to know he didn’t change his outfit after that Santino scuffle.

    • Litten

      Why would you assume he doesn’t have dozens of his own shirts and like most people several similar pants. Grow up.

      • Pavement Rhodes

        It is the wrestling business and some are thrifty, I don’t know.

        • Litten

          Actually if you looked the side striped of his pants with Santino were red while with Prichard were white.

  • Jake Nelson

    Let him piss! Let him piss! Let him piss!

  • prohavoc

    I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until there is a story that Corny is being sued.

    • Litten

      He has been sued on several occasions.

      • prohavoc

        I know. I meant for this particular incident.

  • Cris Sayago

    Can Jim and Vince R. just go away…

  • Jeremy

    I find jim coronette entertaining until he starts believing his own hype and i think this might be an example of that. Vince russo sucks no doubt but damn really jim?

  • burning_justice

    So……for anyone who saw, is Corny big or small……asking for a friend >.>

    • DavidEssex

      Please show it. I love dick.

  • John Henderson

    Bobby Heenan died, Lance Russell died, Santino Marella got in his face and he stormed out of the Cobo in a huff. The question isn’t what could drive Corny to pull his pud out. The question is why he didn’t piss in the front row’s mouths.

  • Crystallynn Levan

    Quick question was his penis big or small? & another thing y is any1 offended? chicks flash their titties more than dudes flash their penis’s I’d rather see penis’s that titties js

  • Juan Arroyo


  • Tyler Blackkk

    wheres the uncensored version

  • Lüke Hellwÿck

    Thank you, fuck you, bah!

  • http://instagram.com/maxplastic Max Plastic

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Brock

    What do you expect, he’s a Democrat.