Wrestler Undergoes Surgery to Remove Blood Clot After Concrete Block to Head

wrestler mexico concrete head video blood clot brain

The wrestler who was hospitalized in Mexico on Monday after being hit in the head with a concrete block has undergone successful surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain.

As we previously reported, Cuervo — a wrestler from Puerto Rico who was competing in Mexico — got knocked unconscious after a wrestler named Angel o Demonio threw a concrete block at his head from above/behind. The wrestler was immediately hospitalized afterward. 

According to an update on Cuervo’s Facebook page, surgery was required to remove the clot and hours later it was said to be a success by his manager. He’s apparently in stable condition now.

Due to this incident, Angel o Demonio has been suspended indefinitely by the Boxing and Wrestling Commission of Mexico. They are also seeking to find out why the promoters had an extreme wrestling match when it is prohibited. 

The NSFW video of the incident can be seen below.

  • David Fullam

    Hoping for full recovery.

  • Lou DiFigliano

    I saw a pic and read the story. I refuse to watch the video.
    Absolutely disgusting. Garbage can wrestling needs to GO AWAY.

    • Chris Cone

      Nothing wrong with extreme wrestling matches but you’re never supposed to do something like this.

  • Louis

    That cement throw was insane and disgusting. Hit the guy from behind with that. Get well.