Wrestler Hospitalized After Opponent Throws Concrete Block at His Head (VIDEO)

wrestler hospitalized angel o demonio concrete block video cuervo

A match in Mexico ended in a scary way on Monday after one wrestler threw a concrete block at the head of his opponent, who was then hospitalized.

The match between Angel o Demonio and Cuervo occurred just outside of Mexico City and was promoted by Lucha Memes/Lucha Boom.

As seen in the video below … Demonio grabs a concrete block from the backstage area after being hit with multiple chair shots, then returns to the ring to throw it at his opponent from behind/above. Cuervo had no idea it was coming and got knocked unconscious. 

A doctor then called off the match and helped Cuervo to the back when he came to. We’re told an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital.

During a post-match promo, Demonio apologized for Cuervo not being able to finish the match. He also went on Facebook to say he didn’t appreciate the multiple chair shots being doled out beforehand, but claims he wasn’t aiming to hit Cuervo in the head with the concrete block.

Watch the video below, but warning … it’s hard to watch.

UPDATE: Cuervo has since undergone successful surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. 

  • Naoto Shirogane

    No mames, no se ve el video.

  • Louis

    Goodness gracious. We are seeing the unnecessary and unwelcome rise of hardcore wrestling.

  • Souradeep Sen Gupta

    The chair shots were hard but he could see them coming unlike his opponent.

  • http://imgur.com/U0oIpXh Phil Mitchell

    This isnt wrestling, its trash. Bunch of dumb asses pining after ECW and the attitude era. The sooner this garbage stops the better, before someone loses their life preferably. Anyone that buys tickets to this shite should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Clifton Pierre-Antoine (Cliff)

    This is wrestling, it’s retarded.

  • Rob Hoffmann

    There used to be a time when the locker room would handle this.

    Then again, it’s Mexico. They still might.

    • William Jenkins

      If it was Cuba, he’d have been stabbed in the showers.

      • Old Fat Tank

        You misspelled Puerto Rico.

      • Bill Jefferson

        you are thinking Puerto Rico when bruiser brody was stabbed

  • That guy

    That warrants criminal charges at the very least.