Jonathan Coachman Calls Sexual Harassment Allegations “Lies and Flat Out Fabrications”

jonathan coachman deny denies sexual harassment allegations accusations lawsuit espn

WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman is denying claims made by a former ESPN anchor who accused him of being “notorious” for sexually harassing women at the sports network.

Coachman tweeted this morning saying, “I will address this only once because I am seething today. In 21 years of being a PROFESSIONAL I have never been more offended in my life. In my 9 years I can count on one hand the amount of times I interacted with anyone other than a co-anchor.”

As we previously reported, former anchor Adrienne Lawrence filed a sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuit against ESPN on Sunday that accuses the company of ignoring her complaints, specifically against SportsCenter host John Buccigross. 

Coachman is NOT being sued, but he’s mentioned in the documents when Lawrence claims one of her bosses indicated Coach’s inappropriate behavior toward women was well-known to management.

Jonathan’s statement continued, “To allow someone to spread vicious lies and flat out fabrications is not ok and it’s time someone stood up for themselves. [Jemele Hill] addressed her lie last night. I am not a part of this lawsuit because I have never done anything wrong. My reputation speaks for itself and anyone that has ever worked with me will back that up. I am also offended that someone can dangerously throw peoples names into something for the clear attempt at getting headlines.”

“This the only time I will address this because I am not a part of this lawsuit. My heart goes out to anyone falsely accused of anything. Trust me it doesn’t feel good.”