Don Callis Teases “Sexier, Edgier” Impact Wrestling on Pursuit Channel

don callis impact wrestling pursuit channel move

Impact Wrestling VP Don Callis says the move to Pursuit Channel will be good for the company, as it allows them to produce a “sexier” and “edgier” product.

Callis briefly spoke about the move to Pursuit on the latest episode of his podcast Killing the Town. “A lot of fans thought, ‘Wow, you guys should be on a different network with a different demographic’ so we announced this week we’re moving to Pursuit which is an exciting thing for me,” he explained.

“It’s a great strategic move for us,” he added. “And I think people are going to love to see a sexier, edgier, maybe even a little more hardcore IMPACT Wrestling. I’m really, really pumped about that.”

In case you missed it, Impact will begin airing on Pursuit starting January 11 at 10pm ET. 

CLICK HERE to listen to the full episode of Killing the Town.

  • anthony

    i love Don, i watch impact, i am not a die hard but i do like most of their talent & i heard this on his podcast. Pursuit channel is only available on Dtv, dish, fios and AT&T u-verse. not sure how this going to reach more viewers. i don’t have the channel – so i can no longer watch. isn’t this the same issue Heyman’s ECW faced with TNN …same issue NHL faced when they were on Versus. no one either had the channel or “couldn’t” find it. not sure how this network is going to help, this may be the beginning of the death of Impact

    • Don Draper

      The beginning of the end started when they left spike.

      • Zack Webster

        They left spike a few years ago and they’re still doing just fine so you’re full of shit

  • Ken Rzepka

    Bye, bye Impact. Pursuit is not on my cable system.

  • Charles Breeden Jr.

    Don’t get that channel so I guess I’ll have to wait till it’s put on one of them watch wrestling sites once they upload it.

  • Heather Thompson Schuh

    It will still air on the Fight Network channel I believe.

  • SYD

    D’Amore sucked running Impact solo and Callis has brought the same result. Their ratings plummeted months before Pop moved them to 10 PM, which should have told Impact management they were on the wrong course. Their Lucha presence can’t draw flies. They have no talent that you can identify with Impact as they appear with other promotions. Their PPV will sell only to their hardcore fans, not enough to earn a profit. Taping in Windsor, Ontario, tells me this isn’t Impact but Border City Wrestling. We live just outside Detroit and refuse to go to a mickey mouse taping. And now the move to an outdoor network because no one else would take them. Can they be any more irrelevant? And now you want to be ECW 2.0? ECW is long dead. Get over it!

    • Chris King

      Thank god they’re not going to be like ecw, ecw sucked.

  • Louis

    Callis has really sunk this ship big time.

    • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

      If a bear shits in a church and no one sees it… Did it happen?

  • Joe Armstrong

    Hopefully they wont book anyone using a shank in this “edgier product” like MLW did with Konnan and Lo Ki this week. Impact should sell to ROH. Ring of Honor gets an influx of new talent and more importantly, better production. That’s one thing I’ll say about Impact is their production is still pretty decent last I checked. Nowhere as good as the Spike days, but the lighting is usually pretty good as well as the video packages. ROH’s production is crap even with the stage upgrades in the last couple years. Everything always looks too dark and dingy and cable access.

    • Zack Webster

      You seriously have a problem with Konnan getting shanked? Oh but I bet you had no problem with Brian Pillman pulling a gun on Steve Austin or Triple H fucking a “corpse”. Oh and let’s not forget Carlito’s bodyguard stabbing John Cena in a nightclub. Sensitive people like you should not be watching wrestling unless it’s WWE. A little bit of edginess in a wrestling product is never a bad thing. Guarantee Monday Night Raw wouldn’t be a total shitfest if they added a little edginess to it.

    • Zack Webster

      Also they can book whoever the hell they want when they want and use whatever segment they want because they don’t need the approval of the fanbase to book someone or for a certain segment. By the way did you happen to have a problem with Sami Callihan hitting Eddie Edwards in the face with a baseball bat or the LAX segment where a little kid got hit by a car? Of course you didn’t. People like you like to nitpick what they deem is appropriate for a wrestling product. Get the fuck out of here.

  • Zack Webster

    The people in this comments section really shouldn’t call themselves wrestling fans if all they want to do is Bash the current product hoping it will fail when it wont. Simply pathetic.

  • Kreme

    Edgier than Sami hitting Eddie in the face with a baseball bat? Sheesh….

    • Zack Webster

      You’re still holding on to that? Dude Let It Go. It literally happened at the start of 2018 and it’s been almost a year. Drop it already. Plus it was an accident.