WWE Secretly Talking With Sinclair Broadcast Group About Potential ROH Buyout

ring of honor wwe talks fall through buyout purchase takeover

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE and Sinclair Broadcast Group have recently discussed a potential buyout of Ring of Honor in secret … this according to sources.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell us the companies have been talking since January and things have been slowly progressing, with the plan being a full takeover if the deal is made official.

This would include the weekly TV show beginning to air on the WWE Network. No word at this point on whether every wrestler on the roster would continue working in ROH if it happens.

Keep in mind, there’s no actual deal on the table right now and discussions are simply that. This means the buyout could always fall through if both sides can’t agree on specifics.

Case in point, WWE had discussions with TNA last year about a buyout that never came to fruition.

Reps for WWE for ROH declined to comment.

  • Mark Schoeman

    “This would include the weekly TV show beginning to air on the WWE Network.”

    This line makes me question the report. If WWE is negotiating with Sinclair it’s with the idea of paying the littlest amount possible for ROH, so they would operate from the standpoint of wanting the library, the trademarks, and that’s it….not say they want the whole thing to run as is on the network, which would make Sinclair see greater value in ROH. It’s not in WWE’s interest to put that out to Sinclair and it wouldn’t be the line within the company either.

    WWE is not buying the office people, nor the ROH talent contracts. If the sale happens tomorrow, ROH is closed….not to say they wouldn’t reopen once staffed by WWE with WWE exclusive-signed talent (although the NXT overlap says it doesn’t make a ton of sense, unless HHH wants regional territories) but the idea that WWE buys ROH as is and puts them on the network seamlessly just isn’t remotely reality.

    • powerfan90

      Not really shocking the way it sounds it would be similar to Marvel and Disney. Disney just writes the checks and Marvel runs it’s self like normal. It’s a win/win for everyone really. WWE Gets ROH’s library that’s got a lot classic matches of AJ, Joe, Cesaro, Owens, Sami, Seth, Bryan, Punk, ext. and ROH has Vince’s bankroll funding them.

    • LukeRIpa

      Most likely not.

      The reason why Disney bought Marvel and Lucasfilm and have them run more or less like before is because the products this companies were making on their own were working anyways, but most importantly because they don’t fit to be released under the DIsney brand (Tony Stark is an alcoholic, while Star Wars survived without Disney for 40 years).

      In case WWE buys ROH, it will be a total takeover, since they don’t make enough money to let them alone. They’re buying them, even for a small amount, and they want to maximize the investment.

      While the ROH library on the WWE Network will be a given, I see a closedown of the brand, re-negotiating contracts with a bunch of talents, and send some to NXT while others directly to TV. At the very tops, they could keep the Ring Of Honor name for the always dreamed third brand (no, NXT is not the third brand), hence making more money yet guaranteeing easier schedule overall for talent.

      But it’s a guarantee it will be a total takeover.

      • Brendan Wallach

        guess you haven’t been to a disney park lately have you . its all marvel and starwars….. they bought the IP

        • LukeRIpa

          One thing is having them to be in the Parks.

          One thing is to release the movies under the Disney banner. They are not.

          You might think it doesn’t matter, but it does. It makes a big ass difference.

  • Bilbo Baggin

    Can’t buyout all the competition such as WCW lowers your level to compete and put a better show!

    • K.T. Cuffari

      “The competition” doesn’t exist for WWE right now.

      • Sm0ke

        Youre kidding right? RoH is so much better that MNR or SD. Also, if this goes through, you can almost guarantee saying goodbye to everything that makes RoH as good as it is.

        • John Cota-dj Jc

          No doubt. Not as polished and I swear…that’s part of what I love. Lucha underground is a way better show than any WWE programs also.

        • Damon Banner

          ROH being “better” doesn’t mean it is competition in the way that KT is using the term.

          WWE had 658 million in revenue last year. They are in millions of homes.

          I like ROH, but I can’t even get it on my TV at all. I don’t know their revenue, but it certainly wasn’t 658 million, or even close. They are not competition.

        • Robert Allen Baker

          In terms of mainstream, average fan wrestling, WWE has 0 competition. The only people that watch RoH and TNA as well as WWE are more invested in Pro Wrestling, they are on a different level than the casual fan. (Not a better fan, just a different level of investment in the product than the casual fan.)

          I’m intrigued, but concerned. We saw in the past what buyouts have done. They keep the brand alive for 3 or 4 months, then start dismantling it with their own guys. I can see the storylines. NXT v ROH invasion. Christopher Daniels defends his title against Tye Dillinger or some NXT guy. Pretty soon ROH just merges into NXT.

  • Griggs

    I wish the comments on this site weren’t cut off on mobile to read the entire comment.

  • Damon Banner

    I hope it falls through.

    They’d probably close up shop or “resurrect” it as a watered down TV show on SyFy

    • LukeRIpa

      Regarding safety, WWE is under the spotlight all the time. If someone does a crazy thing and breaks his neck, it’s gonna be yet another stain they want to avoid. In the main stream no one gives a shit about ROH or any other indy. They can do whatever they want.

      There are chances it could be the third brand, and while I’m looking at it I know it won’t be like 2006 ECW. They did that mistake once, they won’t do it again.

  • BadStreet USA

    Can’t wait to watch the New ROH under the WWE umbrella. The
    inaugural match will be Jay Lethal vs The Zombie. :/

    I wish Anthem would put in a bid to buy it; their video library would be valuable. Also, With Jeff Jarrett building bridges with all these new companies. It might be time to offer a peace treaty with NJPW because they will need a U.S. outlet to promote their shows.

  • BadStreet USA

    LOL. LOVE THIS. To all those smarky ROH fans who were rooting for TNA to be brought out by the WWE.


    It could not happen to a nicer fan base like the ROH fan base. For years they spent chanting “F***TNA” when they were too asinine to realize that the real enemy was the WWE.

    Well, now that hardcore ROH fan base will soon realize that they should have chanted F***WWE instead.


      No they were right to chant that tna is still the laughing stock of pro wrestling

      • BadStreet USA

        Nope. A guy who still has a GFW avatar is the laughing stock of pro wrestling…that be you.

        • GFWMECCA

          You mean the GFW that belts are now on Impact LOL?!

  • Johnny Priest

    Would the WWE have to buy ROH to put them on the WWE network. I wouldn’t think so. Where I am now I can’t get ROH and I do miss it. But then I want Raw and SD to be on the WWE network sooner than they are, maybe the next night. I’d even pay extra for that.

  • commentsandsuch

    If they indeed run it as a separate promotion (and i stress “IF” this is WWE after all) i could see this being a good thing, WWE Network is positioning itself to be a Netflix of wrestling, more than WWE content – as shown with UK Tourney, 205 and talks of Japan & Women’s Tourney, they’re moving into niche content within the pro-wrestling sphere and this would be a good “get”
    Not to mention all the benefits the talents would receive from a purchase like this, access to Performance Center, better medical etc….ROH has basically been a feeder system for WWE. and let’s face it, Sinclair has the money to compete with WWE but they chose to keep the production values of ROH pretty low, so what are they really losing.

  • THAT guy

    I am in negotiations to buy ROH also.

  • Louis

    Meh. Nobody watches ROH, anyway. It’s over, Johnny. It’s over.

  • 0484

    It would be awesome and it would be awesome to have TNA as well in WWE.