Bullet Club Logo Blurred Out of ‘Edge and Christian Show’ Segment (VIDEO)

bullet club logo blurred edge and christian

Edge and Christian wearing Bullet Club shirts became a meme of sorts after being shown in ads for their show, but the episode aired last night and the logos were blurred. 

The hosts of the show were featured in a comedy sketch as WWE’s “IWC nerd announce team of mark living in mom’s basement number one and mark living in mom’s basement two.”

Initial advertisements for this season of the show featured clips of Edge and Christian wearing Bullet Club shirts during this sketch. In the actual episode, however, they were pixelated.

As discussed in this Reddit thread, WWE removed footage featuring the merchandise from subsequent airing of the season 2 promotional videos.

Watch the segment below. 

  • Will Henderson

    bet WWE got a Cease and Desist letter from NJPW or Pro Wrestling Tees.

    • Brent B.

      Because they don’t want free advertising?
      WWE doesn’t want people who don’t know wondering who they are when it is a show on their network. Especially when they are becoming their top competition.
      If you are the lead dog you don’t want to mention the brands that are trying to take your fans. Yes some will watch both but again it is free advertising for them so they would not be opposed to it.
      Reports say WWE is taking signs in the arenas for anything related to the All-In stuff as well.

  • Louis

    Will Henderson and Brent B continue to smell each other’s farts over here.