Bull Dempsey — RELEASED FROM WWE … With Four Other NXT Wrestlers

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WWE just handled spring cleaning a little early … the company has released Bull Dempsey, Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis — alongside two trainees who never made it to TV.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed the releases were made official Friday. NXT trainees Peter Howard and Magno — aka Oscar Vasquez — were also cut from the company.

Dempsey signed a deal with WWE in 2013 but had seen a greatly reduced role on TV.  Lefort debuted on NXT TV the same year, but had all but disappeared from television recently.

Despite never debuting on WWE TV, Magno’s signing was touted as a solid get for the company.  It’s unclear what caused the company to release him though after less than a year.

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  • Danny

    My favorite moment is when the fat fuck got released. 🙂

    • DannySucksMyBalls

      You’re a dumb ignorant sack of shit. Go fuck yourself.

      • DefinitelyNotDempsey

        Calm down Bull!

  • Steve

    Here is prime example 5 guys never going to go anywhere in WWE eyes, should be used as jobbers, have them put over the stars of RAW,Smackdown that way you can build the talents you want instead of 50/50 win loss, Bull could have been the next brooklyn brawler

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Hotwife/comments/423o6o/our_story_part_4_video_clips_included/ Amber

    I’m always on the lookout for a “bull” to fuck me while my husband videotapes! Maybe Bull Dempsey would want to take out his frustrations on my slutty ass! 😉

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  • Eddie

    What’s with the idiotic comments? Bull’s gimmicks were horrendous to begin with. I never bought him as a tough guy, old school character and that Bull-Fit gimmick started off ok and then no care was put into it.

  • Mo

    My favorite Bull moment is when I heard he was released.