Bruce Prichard Hired By Impact Wrestling For On-Air and Backstage Role

bruce prichard impact wrestling hired rehired tna podcast something to wrestle

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Bruce Prichard will be making his return to Impact Wrestling this week … and not just in a backstage role, he’ll also be on camera.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Prichard will be be flying to Orlando for the upcoming taping to appear in an on-air role, as well as work in an advisory position behind the scenes.

As we previously reported … this week saw the Impact Wrestling departures of Broken Matt, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Maria and Jade.

Unclear what Bruce’s on-air role will be at this point, but we’re told the huge numbers his podcast has been receiving were partly the reason for bringing him back.

Looking forward to seeing Prichard on TV again? Sound off in the comments.

  • Brennon

    It’d be great to see them fail just like last time! Especially after losing every good Wrestler on their roster what a bunch of clowns

    • Dark Heel

      Business, it couldn’t go on as it was as it was completely unsustainable.

  • Kirk Hammett


  • Aaron

    His podcast is doing good so, let’s put him on TV and waste valuable TV time on someone who doesn’t wrestle.

    • MaximusX67

      So stories in wrestling that involved the likes of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Vickie Guerrero, William Regal, Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan, etc ….. those are a waste of valuable TV time? Those names as on air talent that do not wrestle have resulted in the #1 through #27 best wrestling angles in the history of the business!

      Pipers Pit, The Highlight Reel, The Barber Shop, The Snake Pit, MIz TV (errr, maybe forget Miz TV), The BROTHER LOVE SHOW (i.e. Bruce Prichards character and show in WWF) are all well placed gimmick shows within a show that major story angles have played out on over the years, resulting in historic moments, memorable promos, and ratings!

      Point is, whether it’s his massive amount of knowledge and talent backstage as a member of the creative team, or an on air personality in the form of a commissioner, host, manager, etc, Bruce Prichard brings so much value to the promotion ….. something TNA desperately needs. As a bonus to TNA he will also bring tens to hundreds of thousands of new eyes to their product, as his podcast has a massive audience, most of whom are not TNA fans. They will tune in to see him on TNA television. His Something To Wrestle With podcast has something like 2 or 3 times a larger audience than Impact Wrestling’s TV show does.

      • Rinse Vusso

        (Maximum = Bruce)

        • MaximusX67

          lol I certainly am shilling like hell on Bruce’s behalf aren’t I! You’d think I’m personally invested here somehow! I just really like his podcast Something To Wrestle With and I’ve listened to each one he’s put out, so I feel like I have a decent insight to his thinking and experiences based on what he himself has stated.

          I hope he, along with others an TNA, can do something to turn it around. They lost Matt and Jeff Hardy now, which was their main/only draw at the moment. So they have a difficult road ahead to try and do something to save the brand overall.

  • Professor Richard Togo

    Didn’t this bozo do nothing but bash the company after he left?

    • HereComesRevenge

      He is also the guy that forgot Bobby Roode’s contract was expired.

      • Professor Richard Togo

        It says a lot for his integrity too. He did nothing but bash TNA but will gladly come back when the offer is extended?

        • HereComesRevenge

          It’s all of Jeff Jarrett’s boys. Hell Russo will probably be next.

          • Professor Richard Togo

            Russo is the one guy that is definitely not coming back. After all that he’s saying about these bringbacks on his podcast lately I dont see it happening, especially with how he noted that he hasnt even gotten a call.

            No one can deny though that the biggest booms of TNA as well as WWE and hell even WCW from purely a creative standpoint happened during the time Russo wrote for them. Compared to today the guy really had some good ideas when it came to wrestling.

          • Alan Stock

            Totally agree.

            And if you want to see Russo’s best work…go on Youtube and watch the 2003-2004 SEX angle in early TNA. Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Basically it was the ultimate in crash TV with the youth of the organization at the time taking on the establishment. Russo said that back then (and it’s funny if you watch the spots) only him, Jarrett, and Dutch knew the actual angles. So when you see his coalition crash in and interrupt other wrestlers and Mike Tenay it’s hilarious because they had NO CLUE what the hell was going on. Literally…no clue…by design. It really was ahead of it’s time. Go search it and watch it.

          • Professor Richard Togo

            It was brilliant stuff. Honestly the guy doesn’t get enough credit for being unconventional. The SEX angle was great. To this day the Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay meltdown is my favorite unscripted moment he pulled off.

        • Jody Kitchen

          You dumb.

          • Professor Richard Togo

            No one pays you to be outta the kitchen broad. Now go make me a sandwich.

          • Professor Richard Togo

            Your mom doesn’t care I’m dumb when I’m drilling her silly.

        • MaximusX67

          He bashed TNA’s management on his podcast …. yes. And that TNA management is no longer. TNA was bought out in January, Dixie Carter is no longer involved or in charge, and they have new management now so why wouldn’t he want to go see how things are with the company now? His issue was with those former managers, not TNA the brand.

          • Professor Richard Togo

            Good point. Fair enough.

      • Jared Powers

        actually that was someone else fault in the office they didn’t fed ex the contract or anything after he signed off on it

      • TheBatMan

        Didn’t he actually try help get Bobby’s contract in order? Or at least i think that’s what he said. But the people in the office hadn’t mailed the contract to him so he claimed.

      • Farooq Nomani

        Lol, no dude it was the mail room guy. Or was it some suit in Texas. Anyway, point is, Bobby’s prob immensely grateful to whoever it was.

    • MaximusX67

      He did bash TNA ….. their management, not the brand itself necessarily. And guess what, the management that he likened to basically a bunch of idiots (rightly so from TNA’s history) are now gone! TNA was bought out by one of their minority holders in January and Dixie Carter, head bozo for so many years, no longer has any say in the company.

      While Bruce said he liked DIxie a person, she had no business trying to run a wrestling promotion. And Bruce is the 756th person to say basically this very same thing. Dixie and her cronies were a hot mess that turned everything into a mismanaged shit-storm. TNA is now under new ownership and new management ….. why the hell wouldn’t he want to give it a go and see how things work out this time? There’s $$$$ there! And TNA is smart to nab him considering his podcast has a larger audience than Impact Wrestling does week by week! A large chunk of that audience will be tuning into TNA to see what’s going on with Bruce on screen and being a part of creative! It’s a smart move for both parties.

      • Professor Richard Togo

        Well spoken and many good points all around.

        • Rinse Vusso

          Win by tap-out by @MaximusX67:disqus

          • Professor Richard Togo


  • MaximusX67

    I have watched a few of the Broken Matt Hardy segments over the past year, however, I wasn’t overly impressed by it, nor by anything else TNA was doing. The Broken Matt thing was different and did get people talking. And it was strangely entertaining on some level ….. just not at a wrestling level for my taste. With Bruce joining TNA though I will definitely be one of the thousands (tens to possibly HUNDREDS of thousands) of Something To Wrestle Withs fans that will be tuning in to Impact Wrestling now to see what happens with Bruce there on camera and as part of creative! Such a good move for TNA here.

    • MaximusX67

      I just hope he continues with ‘Something To Wrestle With’ and doesn’t leave Conrad hanging! I do like Conrad and Tony Schiavone’s ‘What Happened When’ podcast that just started up last month, and basically covers the WCW side of the business to Bruce’s Something To Wrestle With covering the WWF/E side; however, I wasn’t a huge WCW fan back in the day, and those stories aren’t nearly as interesting to me as STWW’s WWF stories are. My favorite podcast had been Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast until STWW came along and became my new #1.

  • THAT guy

    Man my nads itch