Bret Hart Appears in Promotional Video for Calgary Lexus Dealership (VIDEO)

lexus commercial bret hart video

Lexus of Calgary is the the best there is, was and ever will be … at least according to Bret Hart, who stars in a new promotional video for their company that’s more entertaining than it should be.

The company posted the footage on social media with the caption, “We are thrilled to share this short demonstration of our renowned VIP Valet Service.”

In the video … Bret answers the door for one of their employees while polishing his old WWF title and when she asks how he’s doing he replies, “Good! I’m just buffing up the old gold belt.”

Bret then gets a rundown of the services his car will be getting with the VIP treatment and exclaims, “I guess Lexus of Calgary’s service really IS the excellence of execution!”

It’s not quite The Simpsons, but it’s worth watching below.