Bret Hart — Apologizes to EVERYONE He Recently Offended … Including Seth Rollins

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WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has said some pretty disparaging things about a lengthy list of wrestlers as of late … but now The Hitman is apologizing to everyone he recently offended.

Hart took to Facebook today to atone for his comments saying, “I’d like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Michael Hayes. A while back I made comments about the Freebirds not being as worthy of being in the WWE Hall of Fame as others. It was unfair for me to dismiss their contributions to the industry and they certainly did great things in Texas with the Von Erich Family.”

He went on to say, “Furthermore I apologize to both Triple H and Seth Rollins for any hurtful comments I made on my podcast.”

Hart also explained that he quit doing podcasts in general because they are “for the most part an outlet for negativity” that have left him with a reputation for being bitter.

Check out his full apology HERE.

  • Anonymous

    His comments about Seth Rollins were true though. Seth wrestles recklessly, and it’s all part of this new style of wrestling. I don’t think he should be running a wrestling academy. All there doing now, is teaching super young green kids how to do 2016 “5 star match” bullshit, it’s crazy, that poor kid that died in his school for example, probably passed away from being injured from trying to do some flippy floppy you deserve it type of move, instead of learning the basics, idk man, but this new indie scene is corny for that, how many more young kids have to get hurt or die from trying to get a pop from some virgin wearing a bullet club shirt?

  • Joel

    The kid that died did not die from an in ring injury, he was doing a workout and had heart failure, that’s not on Seth.