Braun Strowman Replaced in Royal Rumble Main Event

braun strowman replaced royal rumble

Brock Lesnar will no longer be facing-off against Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble, as Strowman was removed from the match during Raw and a new competitor took his place.

It all started at the top of the show after Strowman chased Corbin to Vince McMahon’s limo. Braun then caused damage to Vince’s car, so McMahon “fined” him $100,000. 

An angry Strowman reacted by tipping the limousine over, so Vince removed him from the upcoming title match against Brock as punishment.

This lead to John Cena, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Finn Balor all trying to take his spot, so Vince booked them in a 4-way main event.

The match ended with Balor — who had to defend his spot in the match earlier in the night against Jinder Mahal — hitting a Coup De Grace on John Cena to become the new number one contender to the Universal Championship.

After the match was over, Cena got on the microphone and hyped Finn in a big way. 

Watch Braun’s limo tip and the post-match speech from Cena below.