Braun Strowman Addresses Elbow Injury on Raw

braun strowman elbow injury update bruised

The status of Braun Strowman at TLC is still up-in-the-air, as the injury update he gave on Raw did not confirm when he’d be back.

“The Monster Among Men” was featured in a video near the top of the show in which he showed off his bruised elbow and announced he was preparing to undergo surgery.

As we previously reported, the injury and surgery are legit. Braun is going under the knife due to bone spurs in his elbow. We’re told the injury was aggravated during his match at Survivor Series.

Sources tell us Strowman will likely be out of action for a month, which would be around the time of TLC, therefore explaining why the match hasn’t been called off on TV. Baron Corbin explained it’s currently still on and he’d win by forfeit to become the permanent General Manager. 

“Do I have any apprehensions? Maybe,” Braun explained in the video. “But I know one thing. I will be back 100 percent. And when I am, the attack on me last week — and the gore the surgeon is going to go through on my surgery today — are gonna seem like paper cuts compared to what I do to Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre.”

  • Will Henderson

    Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin is so getting the CM Punk vs. Ryback at TLC 2012 treatment, in other words, this match may end up happening on Raw as soon as Braun’s clear to compete. the same thing happened to Punk 6 years ago, as Punk had a knee injury at Survivor Series, needed surgery and couldn’t be clear before TLC so they move his title match against Ryback to a random Raw in January 2013, and Punk wasn’t 100% at the time of his return.

    i can see Braun vs. Corbin at Raw early next year, after the Authority (mostly Stephanie McMahon) rules that Corbin must wrestle Braun when Braun is medically clear to compete. and as for the scheduled TLC Match at TLC, it will most likely become either Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin or Ellias vs. Corbin at TLC, with the if Corbin loses, he’s no longer acting GM of Raw and if Corbin wins, he’s the full time Raw GM. or hell, they could change it to Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin with the winner being the Raw GM from that point forward.

  • Louis

    Will, just shut up.

  • Louis

    Seems like Braun surgery went well.