Brandi Rhodes Clavicle Injury Will Require Surgery

brandi rhodes clavicle injury surgery stardom

Brandi Rhodes injured her collarbone wrestling in Japan and surgery is required to fix two separate fractures, this according to her husband Cody.

Cody tweeted about the injury on Tuesday saying:

“Just left the hospital. Long story short…Brandi Rhodes went to Japan and wrestled 4 matches, 2 with a broken clavicle. 2 separate fractures. She’ll need surgery due the bone poking into the muscle.”

Brandi announced she was injured over the weekend following her appearances for the Stardom promotion and said, “I’ll admit my first thought was “time to go home”. However, my second thought was, “how can I fight with one (left) arm?” I figured it out and competed in 2 more tag matches w/ Oedo Tai. I love wrestling.”

Check out the gnarly looking x-ray below.


  • America’s Choice

    Hope she recovers fully and quickly.

  • Louis

    Brandi has beautiful black boobs. I love black boobs.