The Bella Twins — Rushed to Hotel, Put Into Lockdown During Paris Attacks

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Nikki and Brie Bella were only a few miles away from one of the Paris attacks Friday night  … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the Bella Twins were quickly rushed to safety during the tragedy.

Sources close to the WWE Divas tell us the two wrestlers were eating at a restaurant in close proximity to one of the attacks last night — witnessing military and emergency responders rushing to help.

Once they became aware of what was going on … we’re told their driver helped Nikki and Brie hurry to their hotel before it went into lockdown mode.

Our sources tell us the Bella Twins did everything they could to make arrangements to return home today, and they’re now currently back in the States with their mother and grandma.

According to CNN, officials say 129 people have died in the Paris attacks.

For those looking to help … The French Red Cross announced it already has hundreds of volunteers on the ground working with the victims and their families. Donations can be made HERE.