Becky Lynch Suffered a Concussion During Raw, Pulled from Survivor Series (UPDATED)

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Becky Lynch suffered a concussion this week during the closing moments of Raw and has reportedly been pulled from Survivor Series.

Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful and journalist Ted Gruber first reported via Twitter that Becky had been pulled from the event due to a possible concussion and broken nose. We had heard the same from sources this afternoon and made repeated attempts to confirm with WWE to no avail. 

In case you missed it, Lynch led the women of SmackDown in an invasion on Raw and was busted open/concussed after Nia Jax elbowed her in the face (seen below).

One source tell us that it appears as though Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair will be the replacement match at Survivor Series, but there’s been no official word. 

We’ll update you if that changes. 

UPDATE: WWE kicked off SmackDown confirming Becky suffered a concussion. They’ve yet to announce the replacement match at this point. 


  • JJ

    Bummer. I wondered how the hell she got busted open so badly. That annoying Kevin Dunn zooming camera effect made it difficult to see but you can see her go over to Nia, then next thing she was on the mat bleeding like crazy. FU Nia. Thanks for ruining the best Survivor Series match this year.

  • JOhn

    The only match that I wanted to see is over. Guess I’ll be watching the whatculture recap on YouTube.

  • Louis

    Terrible timing for Becky. Nia is a mess. Get rid of that idiot.

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      Nia rulez.