Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch React to Vince McMahon’s Announcement on Raw

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Vince McMahon “suspended” Becky Lynch on Raw tonight and replaced her at WrestleMania with Charlotte Flair — and both wrestlers took to social media afterward. 

In case you missed it, “The Man” was forced to apologize to the McMahons to keep her spot in the match against Ronda Rousey at WM35. After doing so, Vince informed Lynch he didn’t accept and she’d be suspended for 60 days. 

Becky responded on Twitter after the show, simply stating: “Complete and utter bullshit.”

Flair, her current replacement in the match, happily tweeted: “I’m going to … ISN’T THIS EXCITING?!?!” 

How do you feel about Vince McMahon’s announcement? Sound off in the comments.

  • Mark Johnson

    i may never watch raw again this keeps up .
    Charlotte Flair had her match.
    and to have it handed to her . was a joke
    se lose royal rumba like all other did

  • Johnnie Walker

    Obviously a work, Becky will interfere in the match! Should have just made it triple threat instead of trying to piss everyone off. But I guess wwe thinks it will be a surprise.

  • Corey Stotlar

    It’s going to be a triple threat no doubt about that. I am upset with it because we need Becky vs Ronnie one on one I don’t see what charlotte adds to this match outside of another feather in her cap ( which she doesn’t need another feather). Prediction Becky beats charlotte to win the title that way Becky wins and Ronda get protected from taking the decision

  • Louis

    This is kind of similar to Daniel Bryan a few years ago. People wanted him in the main event of Wrestlemania. WWE wanted Batista vs Orton. Fans crapped on that idea so they added a stipulation where if Bryan defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania then he could be inserted into the main event. He won, was in the title picture, and won the match and the people went home extremely happy.

    I could see that here. WWE doing a great job getting people buzzing about the controversial decision of putting Charlotte into the title match on social media. And then reel them in with adding back Becky to the title match.

  • Shaelynn

    As Becky said. Complete and utter bullshit. Vince McMahon is a complete asshole. If WWE’s true mission is to give the universe what they want, they sure as hell aren’t doing that with suspending Becky for 60 days and replacing her with Charlotte Flair. What. The. Actual. Fuck. I might not even watch WWE until Becky comes back. The McMahons are jackasses that have been screwing everyone over for decades, as Becky said. Just because they finally have a superstar that people appreciate and no one likes the person that they want to make the face of the womens division, they’re getting pissed off and suspending one of the greatest superstars they’ve ever had. Fuck off, McMahons. Cut the shit and give the people what they want.