Balls Mahoney — ECW Legends Pay Tribute in Philly With Theme Song Sing Along (VIDEO)

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A group of ECW legends gathered in Philly to pay tribute to recently deceased wrestler Balls Mahoney — but instead of a ten bell salute, they led the crowd to a jam session in his honor.

Tommy Dreamer, surrounded by his ECW cohorts, kicked off House of Hardcore 13 saying he’s tired of having to say goodbye to friends — and so was Balls — so instead they’d celebrate his life.

The group consisted of Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Blue Meanie, Shane Douglas, Danny Doring and Joel Gertner and together they sang along to his theme song.

As we previously reported, Mahoney passed away suddenly this week and his wife has no idea what the cause of his death was at this time.

Check out the tribute below.


  • bill darrell

    feed aint working

  • Anonymous

    Rest in peace, Balls.

  • ball Mahoney

    He’s dead now, Let him RIP.

  • Kyle wegner

    God bless u bro I will sure miss u in ring and phone times too talking story’s about ecw God bless Balls

  • GreenBluntern

    RIP Balls we will never forget what you did for the busuness, how you sacrifice yourself to entertain us, you will be missed.

  • Tony Whitt

    Tough , cold business