Austin Aries Addresses Controversial Tweet About Internet Outrage in New Interview

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Austin Aries is attempting to explain himself in a new interview after catching tons of flack over the weekend for using the word “retards” on Twitter and calling Taya Valkyrie “husky.”

Aries was a guest Monday on Wrestling Observer Live and briefly talked to Bryan Alvarez about his now-deleted tweet from over the weekend. 

For those who missed it, John Morrison made a joke Friday evening on Twitter about Aries’ height. The wrestler then replied: “Ahh, the form of discrimination that’s still super cool: Short Shaming. If I joked race, retards, your gay look…if I fat shamed your husky wife, INSTANT OUTRAGE!! But you can predictably cut on me over my height, genetics I don’t control, and it’s just FUNNY!”

The tweet was deleted the next morning. 

“The thing is, if you really read what I’m saying in my tweet — if you really actually read what I’m saying — I’m not condoning any of those things,” Aries explained on Wrestling Observer Live. “I’m saying if I were to make a joke on any of those things, or even mention these words, even type them out without using them in any derogatory way, that people would be outraged.”

Adding, “I wasn’t saying that their outrage was acceptable or non-acceptable, I was just saying that in this day and age we’re outraged about making fun of people or telling them they’re less than because of things that maybe are out of people’s control. Yet when it comes to people’s heighths it’s ok for people to continue to use that and I was simply pointing that out.”

The full interview can be heard behind the paywall on the Wrestling Observer website.

  • Louis

    I saw this. I wonder if Impact made Aries delete the tweets. Aries is just a pisser. I get what he was saying but you know it’s social media and people blow things out of proportion.

    • Yan Cruz

      Impact can’t tell him to delete or add anything. He’s not under contract with them. He’s getting paid for appearances like almost everybody is currently, reason he’s allowed to go to Ring of Honor

      • Louis

        Yes they can tell him because he is still working for them in some capacity. He doesn’t have to be under contract to be told to delete something. Independent contractors can have rules as well. And clearly someone did because both he and Johnny deleted most of it.

        So FUCK OFF ASSHOLE before you try educating me on shit, bitch.

        • Ashley Percival

          Shh, child; take a deep breath.

          • Louis

            Motherfucker. This is like two weeks old.

            What? You got slow wi-fi?

            You take a deep breath and suck my dick you piece of shit.

          • Louis

            Motherfucker created a disqus account 2 hours ago. LMAO.

          • Ashley Percival

            Nah, mate. I’ve actually got pretty good Wi-Fi. Also, two weeks old ain’t enough for your idiocy to fade.

            Besides; I created this account just to tell you what an utter cockwomble you are. So, there it is: You are a cockwomble. Now, if you don’t mind, crawl back to your safe spot-slash-hole.

          • Louis

            4 days old and this bitch responding to an old thread?

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        • Louis

          Turns out he was under contract. So this Yaz motherfucker was wrong.

  • Louis

    This didn’t pick up any real steam and that’s probably a good thing for Impact.

  • Will Henderson

    social media has caused more harm then good these days, i think Social Media may play a huge part in causing a US civil war and a world war at the same damn time. politics and social outrage culture is turning this country into a country that won’t exist as we know it in 10 years from now.

    and as for Aries, he’s a asshole douchebag with a history doucey assholery

    • NothingFromNowhere

      do you know him personally or just his persona?

      • Yan Cruz

        I met Aries in person outside of character. He’s probably one of the nicest people I have met that are in the business. Don’t listen to whitey trashy over there

        • NothingFromNowhere

          Daniel Healy Solwold Jr is a super cool and upright guy. Would literally give the shirt off his back for his friends. Austin Aries is a throwback heel character that is so good people confuse the two.

          • Yan Cruz

            I have heard of some problems backstage with him but they’re mostly booking related. Using Cornette as a source who would insult his own mother for a joke is a weak source. And the only one that has come out and say he’s been problematic is Cornette and the rumor of him wanting out of WWE for the Mania match been taken out of the dvd, which Neville (now Pac) also quitted for the same reason. So you know

          • NothingFromNowhere

            He’s a passionate guy, with a very sharp brain for the business. Of course that will lead to clashes. But look what he does when he has some creative independence. The last year or so of him on the indie scene and Impact have been great. Look how people care about Moose now. Or Johnny Impact. In fact, look at the publicity now for the PPV. Aries knows his role and how to get there. When you look at some stuff Cornette books or WWE, can you blame him for clashes?

          • Yan Cruz

            Not really. WWE wanted to ruin Aries from the start. They told him you can go up to RAW as a commentator but we need to break your eye. Like the fuck

          • NothingFromNowhere

            Ha I thought he was doing his best work there as commentator cause they were letting him do his own thing.

  • Debbie

    When you type something, it can always be misinterpreted. He probably could have said “using the word retard, called your look “gay”…if I fat shamed your wife” I get what he was saying but he should be more careful since he has a job in the public eye.

    • Sean Jones

      Hes a heel wrestler. Its kinda his job to be a dickhead

  • NothingFromNowhere

    dead on

  • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

    This PC bull$** needs to melt down and allow others to cut some slack for people like Aries, who’re misinterpreted every now & then. He gets negative feedback when he describes the truth about WWE’s talent mishandling & creative wastage. Now, when he expresses his honest opinion about short shaming, he gets hated again. Ya internet pc [email protected]**es need to calm down and re-evaluate your miserable lives.

    Go away bandwagon jumping offended clowns! 😧😧😧

  • El Di Pablo

    Well to be fair, Taya has gotten a little husky. He’s not wrong…

  • Louis

    This bitch created a disqus account 4 days ago just to reply to a comment I made 2 weeks ago. This motherfucker thirsty to suck my dick:

  • RabidHeat

    He implied that everything other than “height” were controllable, but “race” is another thing that is out of the person’s control genetically. 🙂