Audio Released of Alberto El Patron’s Airport Altercation With Paige

tmz paige audio altercation airport alberto el patron

The airport altercation between GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron and WWE Superstar Paige was recorded via audio by a witness — and it’s clear there was no third party involved.

TMZ released audio of Paige yelling “stay out of my life” and “leave me the f*ck alone” as she argued with El Patron in public on Sunday at Orlando International Airport.

Paige can also be heard saying, “I’m trying to get away from you. All the time.”

As we previously reported, the 24-year old female wrestler tweeted about the incident and said they were the ones who called the police due to a fan taking pictures of them while she was crying … but that’s doesn’t seem to be the truth, based on this recording.

The audio can be heard below.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    What a sad story. Not super unexpected, though. I hope they get some help and maybe grow up a bit.

  • onemanshow83

    yep i saw this coming almost a year ago when she looked at him like a sick puppy dog. I knew he had her hooked on to some shit.

  • jrock2310

    There is a term for this…. Its called Stockholm syndrome. She also has major “daddy/men” issues. She is c%÷k sick over ADR. She needs to realise she can have any man she wants, but the only ones she seems to be attracted to are ones who view her as an object.

    Its so sad. She needs major psychological/therapeutic help.

    Part of me also believes that she knows that she may get canned once she gets back to 100% and in WWE. So ADR is her only safety net. I don’t think WWE wants to be associated with her right now. And if not for the rocks movie portraying her family… She would have been long gone from the company.

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      I bet the Rock’s wondering what happened to his Midas touch with that one! 😀

  • K.C. Hunter

    I think I’m missing something, they had a fight, she hit him, she tells him to leave her alone, he wants to press charges … and some idiot mark says “I’m a huge fan” … the amount of stupid in this one minute audio clip is staggering.

    Unless I’m missing it, he didn’t hit her or anything but they’re both trainwrecks sinking in the ocean together and now drifting apart. I can see and hear the same stuff on the metro any day of the week. It’s not “so sad”.

    • A M


    • Brent B.

      It is sad-always. Just because it happens alot doesn’t make it sad to sane human beings. What is sad it you can because such a dick you don’t think it is sad.

      • Shocked_n_Awed

        Well, that’s nearly a cohesive reply… You do know you’re never going to get with Page, right? 😀

  • ナルトファン

    Paige was the one who stab Alberto in San Antonio few months ago. Is she really real suspect instead of homeless or someone?

  • Mark Kausch

    Kind of funny how many “psychologists” read this column.

  • Louis

    So sad. They both need to go their separate ways. Seems like Alberto was innocent and no charges will pressed.

  • Louis

    LOL at the woman saying, “don’t follow her.” Then she says, “I am a huge fan by the way.” LOLOLOL. Shit.

    • Brent B.

      She was telling him to leave her alone, then saying to Paige she is a fan of hers-not hard to figure out folks….

      • Louis

        Thanks, Sherlock.

  • Louis

    What the fuck is that slurping sound?

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      Kofi and Maddox were standing nearby… 😀

  • Louis

    Maybe you had a hard time hearing because of her accent, but I think Paige’s inaudible bits say: ‘You deserved the glass to be in your face, not the water. Then press charges, dumb fuck. Press charges.’

  • Zac Penrice

    I love during an altercation someone says, “Im a really huge fan by the way” lol.
    Like is that the time to tell him??? lol

    • Brent B.

      She was telling him to leave her alone, then saying to Paige she is a fan of hers-not hard to figure out folks.