Andrew Lincoln Referenced Wrestling Retirements Discussing Exit From ‘Walking Dead’ (VIDEO)

andrew lincoln walking dead exit wrestling

Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln dropped a pro wrestling reference to describe his last day on set during a new interview that aired after his final episode.

Lincoln was interviewed by Yvette Nicole Brown for Talking Dead following Sunday night’s big ending and was asked if he kept anything from the set at the end of his final day.

“No,” the actor replied. “I like the fact that we all make a collective agreement and out of nothing something happens. I’m a bit of a romantic like that. I like the fact that you come with nothing, leave with nothing.” 

Adding, “There was a story that somebody told me about wrestlers and that they leave their boots in the middle of the ring at the end of their careers …. and there was something I liked about that.” 

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Watch the clip from Talking Dead below.