“All In” Sells Out In Under an Hour

After months of speculation about whether a self-financed, ten-thousand-seat event put on by The Young Bucks and Cody could sell out, we finally have our answer … it’s yes.

Tickets went on-sale this afternoon and sources tell us it only took around thirty-minutes for All In at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois — which has a capacity of 11,800 people — to be considered a sell out. No word on the exact number of tickets sold as of yet.

As you may you recall, this comes about a year to the date after Cody Rhodes claimed he’d “take that bet” when Dave Meltzer tweeted saying Ring Of Honor wouldn’t be able to sell out a ten thousand seat plus arena “any time soon.”

As we first reported back in November of last year, Cody and the Young Bucks had started to put together the plans for the event and shortly after a date/venue were announced. Since then they’ve put together an incredible line-up of talent for the event including Kazuchika OkadaDeonna PurrazzoPentagon Jr, Rey Fenix, Tessa Blanchard, Stephen Amell and just announced earlier today – Rey Mysterio.

A giant congratulations to Cody, The Young Bucks, and the rest of the All In team for pulling off such a incredible feat.

  • Louis

    Scalpers probably brought up all those tickets.

    • ww387gr

      I heard scalpers only bought 300 tickets, as that’s around the amount of tix being on sale on secondary markets like Stubhub. So, I salute Cody and gang for their achievement. Pro wrestling needs a viable alternative to the awful WWE.

      • Louis

        Take Cody’s balls out of your mouth.

        • ww387gr

          I prefer his sexy wife’s V in my mouth actually

          • Louis

            Well then. Take Cody’s balls out of your mouth, put it in Brandi’s vagina, take it out, put it back in your mouth again, take it out and stick it up your ass.

          • Victor_Jordan

            Someone is a little upset that an indie show is succeeding, take Vince’s balls out of your mouth.

          • Louis

            Man, mind your fucking business asshole. No one was talking to you. Suck my dick you bitch

          • ww387gr

            Vince Macmahon, is that u? Sounds like u r threatened whenever there is competition

          • Chris King

            They are running one show, how is that competition? I don’t even watch wwe but let’s be real, they sold out because it’s a one time show. If they ran shows every week or even every month they wouldn’t be selling out.

          • ww387gr

            I agree and see your point, but the issue here is many naysayers mocked them for even trying to hold a 10,000 seat event in the first place. So u can’t expand the mockery, Cody never said that he’d start up a promotion that holds shows every week. Take a chill pill

          • Louis

            Suck my dick.

      • Stupid Idiot

        You heard incorrectly.

    • PurpleHaze

      It’s all good either way