All Elite Wrestling Promotion Confirmed, “Double or Nothing” Event Teased

The countdown is over … and it ended with the announcement of All Elite Wrestling, as well as the followup to All In called Double or Nothing.

The episode titled “New Years Elite” showed Hangman Page, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes preparing for the clock that’s been teased on the show for weeks to run out.

The group gathered outside of the Tokyo Dome in the final moments, but nothing immediately happened on their phones afterward … so they walked away.

The group came running back a minute later in excitement though as everyone but Page had a logo appear on their phones for Double or Nothing.

Page had a different logo appear, however. His phone showed the official logo for All Elite Wrestling, the rumored new promotion they’ve been working on.

In a subsequent tweet, it was announced that a press conference with more details on Double or Nothing will occur on January 8th in Jacksonville.

As we previously reported, the group has been working on AEW with Tony Khan, whose family owns the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Watch the announcement video below.

  • Louis

    Interesting. Let’s see where this goes. I do think people will turn on this the money Cody makes himself champion on his own promotion. Jeff Jarrett / TNA all over again.

    • Will Henderson

      at least Cody’s more entertaining then late 90s/early 2000s Jeff Jarrett. and plus this thing will not have that “Vince Russo” stink like TNA did (unless they will or have already hired him, the guy’s a cancer to pro wrestling).

      • Russian Bear

        The guy that had the most people watching when he wrote is a cancer.

        Yep, makes sense 🙄

        • Chris King

          Well you’re forgetting he had a filter.

    • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

      They need stars. That much we know. But, who’s out there?

      -Jericho and… ????