GFW Releases Statement on Alberto El Patron Domestic Battery Investigation

gfw statement alberto el patron del rio domestic violence investigation

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned GFW will be conducting their own internal review of Alberto El Patron‘s alleged domestic violence incident before making a decision on his future with the company.

A rep for GFW tells us, “Global Force Wrestling takes all legal situations very seriously and is looking into this matter.  GFW is a privately-held company and will thoroughly investigate this incident and fully cooperate with law enforcement.”

As we previously reported, El Patron is under investigation for a “domestic violence battery” incident that allegedly took place at Orlando International Airport on Sunday.

Alberto, who unified the company’s Global Championship with the Impact Wrestling Championship at Slammiversary, was heavily featured in storylines at the most recent taping.

It’s unclear if they’ll continue to use all of that footage over the next 2 months.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    “So surprising!” exclaimed nobody. Should’ve seen this coming when he kept making drunken videos burying his wife’s current employer. Didn’t seem to care he was putting his wife in an uncomfortable situation.

    Dude has a problem with anger and alcohol. Super talented, super smooth guy — better get over his demons though.

  • Louis

    Man, for their sake let’s hope no charges are pressed and this is nothing. But if he does get charged, they might as well air the episodes with him as champion and when they come back for tapings, just strip him of the title and do a tournament.

    • Adam

      yeah man, lets hope that there are no charges and paige and alberto can continue their abusive relationship.

      • Mark Kausch

        And I hope your tongue was planted firmly in your cheek when you typed that.

        • Louis

          He was being sarcastic with me.

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  • Elaine House

    That’s no way for a champion to act. Not just a world champion any of them. If they don’t do something then there is something wrong with the company

  • Brenda Watson

    Get rid of alberto

  • J flexx

    Florida State sucks

  • greg miller

    Honestly….is it any ones business

    • Alex Thorn

      You’re asking if it’s anyone’s business that he may be beating his wife? Seriously?