AJ Styles — Multi-Year WWE Contract Signed, Retains Ownership of Famous Name

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned AJ Styles not only retained ownership of his name in the new “multi-year” WWE contract he signed, the 38 year-old wrestler also held onto his various trademarks.

The contract was signed last week and sources close to the deal tell us WWE surprisingly didn’t have much of an issue with letting AJ keep the pink slip to his famous name.

We’re told the deal allows WWE to use all the trademarks surrounding AJ’s character while he’s under contract — and they retain some of the rights to his name in regards to video once he’s gone.

For those who missed it, Styles appeared as the #3 entrant in Sunday night’s Royal Rumble — following weeks of speculation he’d be signing a contract — and the wrestler received a ginormous pop from those in attendance, which you can watch below.

As for the other trademarks AJ retained ownership of in the deal, we’re told they include his nickname “The Phenomenal One” and the name of his finisher “The Styles Clash.”

13 Comments on "AJ Styles — Multi-Year WWE Contract Signed, Retains Ownership of Famous Name"

  1. Considering the state of the current roster I imagine A.J. had a lot of leverage. I wonder if this will set a precedent for high profile talent coming in, or will WWE go back to business as usual once their roster is healthy.

  2. Ain’t nobody left big name to come on in. They all been signed have mercy

  3. Did aj get a wwe deal or nxt deal.hope its a wwe deal.

  4. Lethal.

  5. Bobby roode tanahashi Jay lethal moose Adam Cole redragon ach

  6. OHHH ricochet aka Prince puma

  7. WWE looks GRRRRREAT on AJ Styles!!!!!!!!!!

    • I heard that Mr.mcman ran into him and told him to come to the wwe!
      The Doyle rumble was sad when roman regions lost the belt!
      I really hate the game triple h!…….

  8. Hope wwe do not waste aj’s talent,expect a great run from the very best in the business.,,,

  9. Do you remember that lowball offer he got years ago? Props to AJ for being smart and savvy.

  10. But in the end, Lesner is the only guy on the roster who can sell his own advertising for Jimmy John’s and one other client he’s retained since his MMA run…

    C-M Punk wanted to do the same thing, and had clients lined up and was turned down.

    Glad to see A-J in WWE in the peak of his career…he should be headlining Wrestlemania XXXIII.

  11. Hope aj stays in the wwe!he is one of the greatest superstar in the network

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