TNA Wrestling — We Got Screwed By AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson After Making Deal

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AJ Styles made an agreement last month to return to TNA Wrestling with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows … but the company claims all three suddenly backed out at the last minute.

TNA released a statement stating they had been in “serious discussions” with AJ for months — Gallows and Anderson were later added to the mix — and the trio met with Dixie Carter at her home to sign the agreement on December 14th.

Sources close to the wrestlers acknowledge the deal, but note it was pending an official contract that would be agreed upon by all parties — which they don’t believe they received in a timely manner.

First talk of the Bullet Club brethren going to WWE was on January 4th though, less than one month later. It’s unclear when the wrestlers were supposed to have the TNA deal in their hands, but one close source says it was delivered before they all performed at NJPW‘s Wrestle Kingdom 10.

We’re told the plan was for AJ to return to TNA after the debut on Pop TV — with the other two wrestlers joining much later — and according to TNA’s site, they already had merch designed.

TNA Wrestling claims the group stopped responding, however, after they sent the finalized contract. A lawyer contacted them shortly after saying AJ and company had changed their mind.

A rep for Styles, Gallows and Anderson would only confirm that “no formal contract was ever signed.”

He had no further comment.

  • Jake

    Great storyline!

  • Mike

    but problem is Dixie can claim tampering all she wants.

    but she tampered with NJPW Talent before WWE tampered with the 3 as she claims

    Karl anderson is under contract till January 31, 2016

    She signed him on December 14, 2015.

    that is beyond tampering

    • Paul

      Karl wasn’t going to join until after his NJPW deal had finished. He was in his final month which opens up the chance to talk to other companies.

      • Mike

        But the fact that Karl had signed before his NJPW Deal was up.

        ummmm and Paul. an employer cant contact a talent employed by another company until his/her contract is up

        so TNA was by tampering rules. not allowed to contact Anderson till the end of this month.

        TNA broke a major contractual rule

        • Mike

          Because thats why Nakamura and Anderson havent even been to pittsburgh yet to get their mandated WWE Physicals and drug tests taken before they can sign legally with the WWE.

          its because both are still under contract to NJPW

          that be like Tom brady talking with the dallas cowboys about signing as a free agent tonight while preparing for his game against denver on sunday

          no Talent or employeer can contact a talent under a binding contract till its expired

          TNA did that with Anderson

          • Steve

            It’s not tampering. The talent is free to secure future bookings or contracts while still under contract with another organization. It is Tom Brady talking with the New York Knicks using your anology.

  • Paul

    Sounds like they played the system and effed over TNA in the process to get leverage in their WWE deals, shi**ty thing to do but wrestlers do it all the time.

    • Lou

      Shitty. I agree. But that’s business. It happens. And being that it’s business, TNA is in the wrong for making this public. We as fans ir even news reporters do not need to know this information. You didn’t see WWE releasing a statement about James Storm going back to TNA due to business! But as the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. I just think TNA have shot themselves in the foot by making this public.

  • http://@Niko88 Niko Melendez

    It sounds like TNA is just bad mouthing 3 of the hottest stars in pro wrestling because they’re going to a rival company, while TNA continuously goes down the toilet

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  • William O

    Pretty disappointed in AJ. Not the way to handle business.

  • Ken

    Pretty sure no one wanted to see these talents waste away on TNA regardless

  • Danny

    How are you “disappointed” in AJ? Because he took a better deal? What sense does this make?

  • Jon

    Had merchandise already made b4 they officially signed…hmm guess TNA forget what happened last time when something similar happened like idk starting a storyline b4 the talent even signed…*cough MEM vs Immortal 2011* fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me. Sorry TNA but you should not know not to jump the gun untill it’s all official.