Alberto El Patron No Longer a Suspect in Paige Airport Altercation Investigation

airport altercation paige alberto el patron no longer suspect

GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron is no longer under investigation by police over the airport altercation earlier this month between he and Paige Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed.

A rep for the Orlando PD tells us that due to the detective’s investigation determining that Paige is the one who should be charged for domestic violence, they no longer view El Patron as a suspect.

As we previously reported, police believe Paige should be charged with battery. The State Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the case before a final decision is made.

Alberto was suspended indefinitely by GFW after the incident was made public. We’ve reached out to the company to see if the suspension will now be lifted.

Safe to say Paige was telling the truth about what happened.

  • Martin Kemp

    Her version of events only correct on the 2nd version.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    Our long international nightmare is over. This solves all of their problems. JK they’re still hot messes.

  • philmcknight

    Common for abusers. Create a culture of violence and cry like a little bitch when your victim strikes back.

  • Jay Cal

    Weren’t you advocating for his contract to be terminated? Shouldn’t you issue an apology? At the very least a retraction? I don’t love the guy either, but it just seems you jumped the gun on this one Ryan. And my apologies if you’ve already retracted your statements.

  • Louis

    Good for Alberto. Everyone wanted to tar and feather this guy. Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Louis

      If Ben Beckett replies to me with a dumbass comment…

      Ben stick it up your ass.

  • Luke Blersch

    Does any one really care at this point! personally El patron is probaly only nailing page for sex” My other problem is not seeing her kick ass in her prime the catch pharse this is my house gotta love it when page screams like a Banchie”! #3 Del rio or patron the guy is a bad influence! even after sticking up for his family!”Hate me i dont a flying fuck Gfw dont have shit on WWE! Patron is a dog has not been picked up bye the spca!