Adam Cole Signs With WWE, Set to Debut Soon

adam cole wwe nxt deal contract signs

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Adam Cole recently signed a deal with WWE and will soon be making his debut in NXT.

PWInsider first reported the news and the article notes that Cole is set to begin training this week at the Performance Center.

The 28-year-old left Ring of Honor back in May where he was a three-time world champion.

Adam isn’t the only one who left ROH for WWE. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish recently signed deals and have made their first appearances on NXT TV. Plus, Donovan Dijak and Lio Rush have heavily been hinting that they’re on their way to Florida as well.

Stay tuned.

  • Louis

    Dumb move by Adam. Should have gone tp GFW. WWE ia so over crowded with talent; he will be stuck in a rut over there.

    • Jeremiah Babcock

      Yeah because making less money and getting less exposure is tops on everyones to do list

      • Louis

        Dude shut up and take Triple H’s dong out of your mouth, puta.

        • Bill lennox

          Slowclap!!! Man that hurt reading what you wrote.

      • Louis

        Your last name is apropo. Babcock. You swallow them. F out of here.

        • Mark Kausch

          Dude. Calling names really sucks (no pun intended) as a comback. Pretty sure he’s right about the money thing, anyway.

          • Louis

            Dude mind your fucking business. This got nothing to do with you.

            Go talk about mices or whatever the fuck you talk about.

          • Mark Kausch

            You are really a little kid, aren’t you? Sorry, I didn’t know I was talking to such a low flame.

            And yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with everyone. It’s a PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD.

          • Louis

            While you’re doing that. Enjoy me BLOCKING you. So, go, have the last word. It won’t phase me because I won’t see it and it will never enter my inbox. You’ll be old man yelling at cloud.

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          • Mark Kausch

            Yeah. They let anyone on here, don’t they? Thanks for blocking me. Saves me a lot of trouble.